Palestinian Statehood invite

Press release

Forum to discuss Palestinian Statehood to take place in Dublin tomorrow on both one and two state solutions

A forum will take place in Dublin tomorrow, from 10am to 1.30pm in Wynns Hotel that will look at the issue of Palestinian statehood in terms of the two state solution and the not often talked about one state solution. The event takes place at the beginning of Israeli Apartheid Week 2015 which is being marked by a number of events worldwide.

The forum will also be addressed by Palestinian academic Dr. Ibrahim Natil and Jewish author and critic of Zionism, John Rose.

All media are invited to attend.

The forum will also include a panel discussion with Richard Boyd Barrett TD, People Before Profit, Lynn Boylan, MEP Sinn Féin and Maureen O’Sullivan Independent TD.

There has been a new momentum in Ireland and around the world to vindicate the Palestinian right to self-determination and a Palestinian state.

Ironically this is happening when Israel has annexed so much Palestinian territory as to make even  two states almost impossible.

This event has been co-organised by Richard Boyd Barrett and Ibrahim Natil.

Ibrahim Natil said, “Recognition of Palestine is still a symbolic step without serious actions by the international community to make the Palestinian state a reality on the ground. The Israeli expansion settlement policy has already made the two state solution impossible while the international community has done nothing to stop this colonist policy or allow the Palestinians practice their self-determination in their home as a basic human rights issue”.

Richard Boyd Barrett said, “More and more we are hearing about Palestinian statehood both at a national and international level but we don’t hear often enough what that might look like in reality or how self-determination for the Palestinians might be achieved. The event is just the beginning of what we hope will be a broad-based intervention in the debate here in Ireland and Europe”