People Before Profit TD, Richard Boyd Barrett, has said that witnessing the political jockeying and posturing from the establishment parties in forming a government has been a truly painful experience. The health and housing crises are getting worse by the day. A functioning Dáil is needed to deal with this.
Deputy Boyd Barrett said “The experience of observing the two main political parties engaging in this game of political hide and seek has been and awful experience. There are important issues that need to be dealt with immediately. This childish impasse has to stop so that the politicians that were elected in a number of weeks ago can get down to the business of sorting these problems out. During the weeks of inactivity the trolley crisis in our hospitals has gotten worse and our housing and homelessness crisis deepens. For the people of this country who spoke very loudly on polling day this is unacceptable. People voted for change, for a government that would deal with homelessness, the crisis in our health service and would abolish Irish Water and water charges, instead they have got prevarication and posturing.
Over the past 40 days since the general election everyone could see that the only feasible option for government formation is Fine Gael and Fianna Fail in coalition. The dogs on the street know that there is very little difference between the two establishment parties.
What has been seen over the past few weeks, including two votes for Taoiseach, has been little more than political theatre of the highest order. This farce should be stopped immediately; Fine Gael and Fianna Fail have to grow up and sort this charade out.”