Right2Water Political Pillar call people to take to the streets on Saturday

The political pillar of Right2Water are urging people to come out on the streets in Dublin this weekend to protest and reiterate their demand  for water charges and Irish water to be abolished. There are blatant double standards in Ireland where rich corporations pay no tax and the people get battered with austerity.

The Right2Water demonstration will take place in Dublin this Saturday. Groups will be meeting in Hueston and Connolly at 2pm to protest against the imposition of water charges and Irish Water.

The demonstration has been called for this Saturday to coincide with the reconvening of the Dáil. The majority of DáIl TD’s, including Fianna Fail, are democratically mandated to get rid of water charges and Irish Water.

The call comes in the wake of submissions to the Expert Water Group by all political parties, groups and independent TD’s in the Dáil.

Bríd Smith TD, of People Before Profit, called for people to take to the streets of Dublin this Saturday and demonstrate their total rejection of Irish Water, water charges and the “unfairness and double standards that the government apply to the multi-nationals as against the people”. She said that “since 2008 working people in this country have taken the sharp edge of austerity, cuts and levies brought on by the reckless gambling of a wealthy elite. Furthermore, the government have been exposed as valuing the profitability of multi-nationals and vulture funds over the wellbeing of the people of this state.

“Water charges and Irish Water were the last straw for many people and have seen an unprecedented popular rebellion by the people against the toxic agenda of charging people for water, which we know is destined to end up privatised unless these charges are abolished. The majority of TD’s, including Fianna Fail, are democratically mandated to get rid of water charges.”

Cork North Central AAA TD Mick Barry said: “The decision of the Government to appeal the Apple tax ruling gives us 13 billion reasons to join this march on Saturday. The Dail will open up again in less than a fortnight and water charges is the issue that just won’t go away.”

Eoin Ó Broin TD said: “Saturday’s Right2Water March is an important opportunity for people to have their voice heard. To show that opposition to this unjust charge remains strong. And to remind all politicians who were elected on an anti-water charges manifesto commitment that the public expect us to keep our word.”

This Saturday is the first opportunity for citizens who voted a majority into the Dail opposed to water charges, to send a clear message to the Government to “abolish not suspend” water charges says Joan Collins TD for Dublin South Central. It will also be an opportunity to demonstrate in solidarity with thousands of EU citizens to oppose TTIP & CETA.

Joan Collins said: “This demonstration is calling for a referendum to keep our water in public ownership.” Joan Collins will be moving a bill in October, it is the thirty-fifth amendment of the constitution (water in public ownership) ( no2) bill 2016″ . The bill will put an amendment to article 28 of the constitution as follows” the Government shall be collectively responsible for the protection, management and maintenance of the public water system. The Government shall ensure, in the public interest, that this resource remains in public ownership and management”

“The bill is supported by my I4C colleagues , Sinn Fein, AAA/PBP and in fact all 39 TD’s who stood in the elections on the R2C policy programme.

“We will see how serious Fianna Fail’s claim is to abolish water charges. Will they support the bill or will they hide behind the fig leaf of their commission on water charges?

“By getting an article into the constitution banning privatisation the whole project and rationale for charges will be seriously undermined.”