Real confidence vote will take place on streets

rbb dailIn a statement in the Dáil this afternoon Richard Boyd Barrett TD said government’s confidence motion being debated in the Dáil chamber was shambolic and surreal when it was clear that the real vote of confidence in water charges and the government itself would take place on the streets tomorrow in the national demonstration against water charges.

Deputy Boyd Barrett said that the real peoples’ assembly would assemble at 1pm at Merrion Square outside Government buildings when tens of thousands of people would cast a definitive vote of no confidence in both the unjust water charges and the government that is seeking to implement them.

Speaking in the Dáil debate, Richard Boyd Barrett said, “People on the streets tomorrow will vote against cruel and repressive water charges and household charges. People will vote against the cruelty of leaving people needing vital operations waiting for a year or more on waiting lists. People will vote against a situation where we have the most over-crowded classrooms in Europe.

People will vote against the government refusing to levy even a small amount on multinationals or the super-wealthy while people are losing their homes and dying in the street.

The People Before Profit TD, addressing the Taoiseach said, “No matter what games are played in the parliament, the real power is on the street. All the real change won in society has been won by large mobilisations on the street. More reforms have been achieved over the last number of weeks as a result of the huge protests against water charges or the public outrage against the housing and homelessness crisis than anything that has been done by this government itself since it entered office. The real power for change is coming from the people on the streets not from the games and manipulations taking place inside Dáil Éireann.