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Sickening news this morning that homeless figures have increased yet again to over 7000 (including 2500 children). When I raised it with the Minister – all we get is the same old platitudes which will mean the next figures will be another increase! We need the 50,000 empty homes in cities across Ireland to be taken over by the councils immediately, we need this government to stop relying on the private landlords to deliver social housing and we need an emergency programme to build council houses. In Dun Laoghaire last year there were only 54 actual council houses with permanent tenancies were built and meanwhile over 500 new applications were received by the council. This madness has to stop.

“>Richard Boyd Barrett shows new evidence in Stardust cover-up in Dail

Presenting the evidence in the Dail , brought forward by the Stardust families, which has been ignored and covered-up by successive governments, that the official explanation of the Stardust fire was a lie, and that the state knew this and worked to prevent a new investigation into the evidence over many years and continues to do so.

pbpEnd Ireland’s status as a tax haven and break out of fiscal space straitjacket

Tackle inequality –  use Corporation Tax, Millionaire’s Tax, Debt Repudiation to fund public investment

Transform society – Tackle Housing crisis with 50,000 homes, Develop National Childcare System, Invest in Irish NHS

Richard Boyd Barrett TD said:

“The Apple Tax scandal and the wider scandal of a whole series of corporate tax loop-holes benefiting big corporations and vulture funds have all served to expose Ireland as nothing more than the European off-shore tax haven. This dysfunctional economic model has grossly distorted our growth figures and taken alongside the straight-jacket of debt and EU fiscal rules has ensured that the majority of our citizens take all the pain of recession and get none of the gain when there is growth.

“Over the last five years, the share of gross income going to the top 10% of earners increased from 34% to 39% and roughly half of the increase in total income (€21 billion) also went to this group. In terms of disposable income the richest 10% of households received 24%, whereas the bottom 10% received just 3%. In terms of wealth, the growing gap between the majority and a small elite is even starker. Since the 1980’s the top 10% have increased their share of wealth from 42% to 54%, leaving just five per cent for the bottom 50% of the population. Over the last 20 years the share of the national economic cake going to wages has dropped by about 20 per cent, while corporate profits have soared.

“The basic economic model of the Irish establishment has been to attract foreign direct investment by holding down wages and public spending and allowing an elite of corporations to pay little or no tax.  Within the EU, Ireland relied heavily on London to block any moves against multinational tax evasion. In the aftermath of Brexit, with the noose being tightened around corporate evasion and a very troubled global economy, this is a totally unsustainable economic model.  The situation is further worsened by the crippling effects of odious debt and annual interest payments of 6-7 billion euro, and fiscal rules that prevent us from spending money we actually have. Our budget statement proposes a radical change direction, to break from the tax haven model and the straight-jacket of debt and fiscal space.

“We are proposing a radical €24 billion programme of public investment in infrastructure, strategic enterprise and public services, that will create tens of thousands of jobs in public housing construction, developing a national health service, a national childcare service, renewable energy, renewing our water infrastructure, properly resourcing education, the arts, public transport and other areas . Tinkering around the edges of fiscal space cannot achieve the sort of change and investment that is needed to have an equitable and sustainable economic model. However, a bold change in policy where wealth and profit are taxed fairly can finance the social and economic transformation needed to make this happen.”

Read the alternative budget here:

The AAA-PBP Strategy Meeting took place at the Hilton Hotel, Kilmainham – Friday 23rdSeptember.

The grand coalition of Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and independents will walk back into the Dáil next week under fire from a huge section of Irish society. Having gone to bat to defend outrageous tax evasion by Apple and other multi national companies, this government is more discredited than ever.

This is a viciously pro big business government but it is also a weak and ineffective one. Despite their best efforts to implement water charges, they failed – likewise they failed on green bin charges and have been knocked back on other issues. We now see the growing resolve of transport worker’s for pay justice and growing confidence among other worker’s for pay restoration. Despite the charade of a citizens assembly they face the growth of a hugely popular movement by women and young people for social change and Repeal of the 8th. These battles represent just the tip of the iceberg in terms of a growing challenge to this Government.

Workers, women and those looking for change will find fuel in the international growth of radical left alternatives represented by the movement around Jeremy Corbyn in Britain, Stein and Sanders in the US and similar political movements in Europe.

Ireland will not be exempt from this phenomena and among the parties and groups in the Dáil AAA-PBP clearly reflects this more than any other grouping. AAA/PBP will continue to challenge the neo liberal agenda and rule of the 1and we look forward to the further growth of the left during this Dáil session.

At the meeting AAA / PBP TD’s and activists discussed and focussed on the following;

  • Support for the Dublin Bus & other transport workers in dispute along with other workers struggles and the need to address low pay
  • Repeal and 8thand a woman’s right to choose along with the need for separation of church and state.
  • Irelands low tax regime for the rich and corporate sector and growing economic inequality
  • The housing crisis and the need for a major local authority house building programme
  • The building of a radical left alternative to this government and the bankrupt policies of neo-liberalism, privatisation and capitalism

PBP TD condemns Howlin and Labour’s pathetic attacks on the left and denial about its own responsibiIMG_0583lity for Labour’s electoral melt-down.

Labour owe the public an apology for the homeless crisis and their litany of broken promises

In a statement, Richard Boyd Barrett TD, for AAA-People Before Profit Alliance, has condemned former Minister Brendan Howlin and the Labour Party for comments made this morning on RTE’s Morning Ireland radio programme.

Deputy Boyd Barrett described Deputy Howlin’s attacks on AAA-PBP as “pathetic and dishonest,” and said that the Labour party and Deputy Howlin were in “arrogant denial of their own responsibility for Labour’s electoral melt-down” at the recent general election.

Deputy Boyd Barrett said the Labour Party owed the public and those that voted for them in 2011, an unconditional apology for their betrayal of election promises and, in particular, for their direct responsibility for the homelessness and housing crisis.

Deputy Boyd Barrett said it was totally incredible that Labour could describe others on the left as being undemocratic, when it was the Labour party, who broke solemn electoral pledges made in the 2011 election on issues such as water charges, student fees, burning bondholders and protecting vulnerable sections of society from the impact of austerity.

Deputy Boyd Barrett said also that it was truly unbelievable that the Labour Party or Deputy Howlin should condemn protesting and street campaigning, when its founder’s James Connolly and James Larkin, had been among Ireland’s greatest proponents and champions of mass street mobilisation.

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People Before Profit’s Richard Boyd Barrett on the Leaders Debate last night on RTE said that thousands of hospital beds have been closed down and that AAA/PBP are proposing a NHS-style system. He says the most expenditure on health anywhere in the world is in the US, but they have some of the worst outcomes with millions having no healthcare. In contrast, in Britain far less money goes to private coffers.

He said that “we don’t need ‘market mechanisms’ in the health service and the irony of the government talking about care in the community is that local services have been cut, leading to chaos in larger centres.” It was also unacceptable that new teachers and nurses are getting such low pay.

On the economy, Boyd Barrett says that in the first instance the next government should ensure that corporations actually pay the full 12.5% rate, rather than 2% and that AAA/PBP will target wealth in place of water charges.

Richard finished up by saying that “AAA/PBP want to see a society based on real solidarity, where the wealth is shared in an equal way. We want to end the discrimination of women who can’t control their own bodies by repealing the Eight Amendment, end the discrimination of the youth and of the disabled. We want to end Civil War politics and the golden circle of cronyism.”

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Richard Boyd Barrett TD, People Before Profit Alliance receives award for Dail Speech of the Year for his contribution to debate on Fatal Fetal Abnormalities in February 2015.IMG_0877

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Richard Boyd Barrett TD, People Before Profit Alliance discussing the aftermath of the Paris attacks on Prime Time 18th November 2015, with Anne McElvoy, Editor, The Economist.