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Think Left Dun Laoghaire – A Day of Debate and Discussion

We are witnessing unprecedented levels of inequality.
Eight billionaires own the same amount of wealth as half the world’s

population – or 3.6billion people.

We need a genuine radical left alternative that challenges capitalism

– rather than propping it up.

To do this, we need to think about alternatives, policies and

The Think Left conference is your opportunity to engage in this

Come along and join in.
Hosted by People Before Profit Dún Laoghaire
For more information text INFO to 087 283 9964.

PUBLIC RALLY Friday 10th March @ 7.45 ampbp-dl-leaflet-save-our-dart-station-staff-public-rally-a5-colour-page001


 Sandycove & Glasthule DART station

Our Dart stations are under attack, management of Iarnród Éireann are planning to close the ticket offices in a number of Dart stations in the locality to ‘manage resources’ and improve their ‘business needs’. This discriminates against passengers needing assistance and compromises the safety of all passengers. People Before Profit believe Public transport should for the good of the public and not profit oriented. The stations on the DART line and mostimportantly the staff are part of the oldest suburban railway line in the world and have been avital part of our communities for almost 200 years.

Join the campaign to keep our DART stations staffed.

pbp-dl-leaflet-save-our-dart-station-staff-a5-colour-updated-page001PUBLIC MEETING
Save Our Dart Station Staff
‘Use People Not Machines’
Monday 20th February @ 8 pm
The Royal Marine Hotel, Dún Laoghaire
Speakers include; Richard Boyd Barrett TD

Dart stations are under attack, management of Iarnród Éireann are planning to close the ticket offices in a number of Dart stations in the locality compromising the health and safety of passengers and making it more difficult for passengers needing assistance to travel with ease. Join the campaign to keep our Dart stations manned.

The cull is starting with Lansdowne Road and Grand Canal Dock but spreading to the Dún Laoghaire Area from March, most likely staring with Glasthule and Seapoint stations.
The implications of this go far beyond having a friendly face in your local station; passengers needing assistance will be subject to notice periods in order to use the Dart, discriminating against the most vulnerable in our society. This is unacceptable given that a member of Iarnród Éireann management recently told PBP Councillor Melisa Halpin in a meeting about accessibility that measures are being planned to make travel easier for passengers needing assistance. Removing staff from stations contradicts this statement exposing it as empty rhetoric.
The health and safety of its passengers should be of the highest priority for the company, it is not possible to maintain a safe environment at all times in a staff-less station; Save Our Dart Stations, Use people not machines
People Before Profit Says;
• Keep our Dart Stations Staffed
• Boycott the machines, buy your ticket from the office
• Demand Iarnród Éireann provides a service to passengers needing assistance WITHOUT notice periods
• Health and Safety of Passengers should be paramount

harbourPeople Before Profit TD and Chair of Save Our Seafront, Richard Boyd Barrett, will be speaking at a public meeting in Dun Laoghaire tonight calling for a campaign to ensure the Harbour transfers into full public ownership and the abandonment of the “crazy cruise berth and private apartment plan”.
In advance of An Bord Pleanala’s decision with regards to the Cruise Berth the meeting will also discuss an alternative to the Harbour Company’s plans, including a Diaspora Centre and a National Water Sports Centre.
Richard Boyd Barrett said: “The overwhelming majority of the submissions to An Bord Pleanala were against the Berth for giant Cruise Ships and last spring Cllr Melisa Halpin succeeded in passing a motion at council level to limit the size of cruise ships in the harbour to the small ones that can come in without alterations to the harbour structure.
“We have always been keen to point out, that the plan for giant cruise ships in the harbour carried with it a plan for private apartments and hotels within the curtilage of our Victorian harbour.
“We also want to alert the public to the major wast of public money that is going on in the Harbour Company, on executive salaries, spurious extra payments and other unnecessary expenditure.”

People Before Profit host public meeting to plan campaign for more local authority housing on public and NAMA development sites in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown, as housing and homelessness continues to spiral out of control.

housing-mtg-oct-2016Coveney Housing plan will not deliver urgently needed council housing, will cost the state a fortune, and will effectively privatise public land unless radically changed , says PBP TD.

Dun Laghaire-Rathdown is being “socially cleansed” as a result of the failure to provide council housing and the effective privatisation of the entire housing sector in the area.

Richard Boyd Barrett TD for the People Before Profit Alliance, along with local councillors, Melisa Halpin, Hugh Lewis and Dave O Keefe, will host a public meeting tonight, Monday Oct 24th at 8pm in the Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire, to plan a campaign calling for a far higher proportion of local authority housing on public land and NAMA sites currently or soon to be developed in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown

The public meeting has been called against the background of the waiting list for council housing in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown now reaching 16 years or more and a dramatic rise in rents in the area. Rents in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown now among the highest in the entire country and are completely unaffordable for those on low and even middle incomes.

The meeting will specifically call for the current development on the former Dun Laoghaire Golf Club site, the soon to be developed Cherrywood Strategic development Zone (SDZ), and the former Shanganagh Prison site to have a far higher proportion of local authority housing than is currently envisaged under the Coveney, Rebuilding Ireland plan.

According to People Before Profit, unless current plans are radically changed, these large development sites, which have the potential to solve the social and affordable housing crisis in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown, will deliver a “pathetically small number of council houses and ensure the crisis continues and worsens across the entire county.”

Deputy Boyd Barrett said a process of “social cleansing is already well underway in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown, with less well-off younger families and individuals, being driven out of the area by the totally unaffordable cost of accommodation and the disastrous lack of local authority housing stock.”

Deputy Boyd Barrett said, This process of social cleansing in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown will accelerate over the coming number of years because of the catastrophic failure to provide council housing and the utterly unaffordable level of private rents in the area.” 

Deputy Boyd Barrett concluded:  “The Convey plan simply will not work to solve the country’s dire housing and homelessness emergency because it depends utterly on the private market to deliver the majority of the hoped for social housing through HAP’s, RAS, Leasing and Public private partnership schemes. 

If this is true in the country at large, it’s doubly and trebly true in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown because rents and house prices are multiples of what they are in most other parts of the country.  

All Coveney’s plans are based on sourcing social and affordable housing from private developers at a discount on the market price, but the market price of rents and purchasing in this area are so far out in the stratosphere, that even at a discount, it will still be totally unaffordable.  

Against this background, the plan, under Rebuilding Ireland, to allow private developers to dominate the development of these three large sites at Dun Laoghaire Golf Club, Cherrywood and Shanganagh is total insanity. 

The level of human misery and suffering being experienced by families and children from low income households in this area is simply unbearable. People think because some wealthy people live in this area that somehow everybody is better off. In reality, for those on social welfare or low wages, it is actually much worse to be without housing here because the cost of accommodation is so much higher. You don’t get higher social welfare or a higher minimum wage because you’re from Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown. The consequence is that families and communities, that have lived here for generations and who’s children go to school here, are being ripped apart and driven out of the area. 

We are determined to fight the social cleansing of our area and demand that more of these development sites are used for actual local authority housing, rather than being handed over to private developers.” 

The AAA-PBP Strategy Meeting took place at the Hilton Hotel, Kilmainham – Friday 23rdSeptember.

The grand coalition of Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and independents will walk back into the Dáil next week under fire from a huge section of Irish society. Having gone to bat to defend outrageous tax evasion by Apple and other multi national companies, this government is more discredited than ever.

This is a viciously pro big business government but it is also a weak and ineffective one. Despite their best efforts to implement water charges, they failed – likewise they failed on green bin charges and have been knocked back on other issues. We now see the growing resolve of transport worker’s for pay justice and growing confidence among other worker’s for pay restoration. Despite the charade of a citizens assembly they face the growth of a hugely popular movement by women and young people for social change and Repeal of the 8th. These battles represent just the tip of the iceberg in terms of a growing challenge to this Government.

Workers, women and those looking for change will find fuel in the international growth of radical left alternatives represented by the movement around Jeremy Corbyn in Britain, Stein and Sanders in the US and similar political movements in Europe.

Ireland will not be exempt from this phenomena and among the parties and groups in the Dáil AAA-PBP clearly reflects this more than any other grouping. AAA/PBP will continue to challenge the neo liberal agenda and rule of the 1and we look forward to the further growth of the left during this Dáil session.

At the meeting AAA / PBP TD’s and activists discussed and focussed on the following;

  • Support for the Dublin Bus & other transport workers in dispute along with other workers struggles and the need to address low pay
  • Repeal and 8thand a woman’s right to choose along with the need for separation of church and state.
  • Irelands low tax regime for the rich and corporate sector and growing economic inequality
  • The housing crisis and the need for a major local authority house building programme
  • The building of a radical left alternative to this government and the bankrupt policies of neo-liberalism, privatisation and capitalism

Right2Water Political Pillar call people to take to the streets on Saturday

The political pillar of Right2Water are urging people to come out on the streets in Dublin this weekend to protest and reiterate their demand  for water charges and Irish water to be abolished. There are blatant double standards in Ireland where rich corporations pay no tax and the people get battered with austerity.

The Right2Water demonstration will take place in Dublin this Saturday. Groups will be meeting in Hueston and Connolly at 2pm to protest against the imposition of water charges and Irish Water.

The demonstration has been called for this Saturday to coincide with the reconvening of the Dáil. The majority of DáIl TD’s, including Fianna Fail, are democratically mandated to get rid of water charges and Irish Water.

The call comes in the wake of submissions to the Expert Water Group by all political parties, groups and independent TD’s in the Dáil.

Bríd Smith TD, of People Before Profit, called for people to take to the streets of Dublin this Saturday and demonstrate their total rejection of Irish Water, water charges and the “unfairness and double standards that the government apply to the multi-nationals as against the people”. She said that “since 2008 working people in this country have taken the sharp edge of austerity, cuts and levies brought on by the reckless gambling of a wealthy elite. Furthermore, the government have been exposed as valuing the profitability of multi-nationals and vulture funds over the wellbeing of the people of this state.

“Water charges and Irish Water were the last straw for many people and have seen an unprecedented popular rebellion by the people against the toxic agenda of charging people for water, which we know is destined to end up privatised unless these charges are abolished. The majority of TD’s, including Fianna Fail, are democratically mandated to get rid of water charges.”

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apple tax

Al Helal will play match against Ballybrack u14s and participate a day of activities in Ballybrack F.C

palestinian-flagPeople Before Profit Dun Laoghaire on Sunday will welcome the Al Halal u14s to Ballybrack F.C for a family fun day. The fun day will consist of a football match between Al Halal and Ballybrack, a bouncing castle, face painting, a DJ, hula-hoops and Palestinian food and culture stalls.

The event will take place on Sunday 31 July, from 11-3 in Ballybrack F.C., Coolevin, Ballybrack, Co. Dublin.

The Al Helal group, which is made up for 12 kids and 2 coaches, will be travelling around the country visiting different football teams, the Lord Mayor of Dublin and other events on their 12 day tour.

People Before Profit Cllr, Hugh Lewis, who organised the event said that this was a “great opportunity for these kids to experience something positive in their lives.

“The situation in Gaza with the clear and blatant oppression of the Palestinian people means that these kids have grown up in an environment of violence, repression and death. These kids have experienced some of the most vicious state sponsored violence at the hand of the Israeli regime.

“Having these kids over to Ballybrack F.C is a fantastic opportunity for the kids to play football and make new friends. It will hopefully give them and experience they will remember for a long time.

“It is a privilege to have them over to Ireland. I would also like to thank Ballybrack F.C and all their coaches and members, for hosting this family fun day and offering friendship to these kids from Gaza.”

Richard Boyd Barrett TD, who will be attending the event, said “This is a very significant event for young people from one of the poorest places on earth and a place that has been utterly decimated by inhumane and indiscriminate bombing and military aggression by Israel over many years. These young people have been denied their childhood and life chances that we would expect in a civilised society because of the cruel treatment of Gaza by the Israelis.

“This is, maybe, a once in a lifetime opportunity for these kids to escape the hell that is Gaza, This is an opportunity for people in Ireland to realise that the people of Gaza and Palestine are just the same as anyone else but most of the time denied the opportunities that we all take for granted. They want to play football. They want to have fun. They want a future but they are denied this. We are delighted Ballybrack F.C have offered the hand of solidarity and friendship to these kids.

“We would encourage people from the wider Dun Laoghaire area to come along and support this event.”

13123006_594630394019655_5366572464433454409_oPublic Rally: Rathfarnham Assault: Stop Racist Attacks in Their Tracks 
United Against Racism are calling on all people, community groups, anti-racism activists and organisations to support this call for an anti-racist rally in solidarity with the victims of the racist Rathfarnham attack and say NO to racism. We cannot allow this sort of racism to exist in our communities.

Tonight (Tuesday 10 May 7pm)
Nutgrove Way, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14
(At corner of the petrol station at the entrance of Nutgrove Shopping Centre. )

Bríd Smith TD will be speaking at the event. Cllr Karl Gill will be speaking on the PBP motion which was passed unanimously in Dun Laoghaire County Council condemning this racist attack. Richard Boyd Barrett TD will also be in attendance.