Government either lying or have been totally hood-winked by Willie Walsh on so-called assurances about jobs, conditions, slots and connectivity

Aer Lingus Sale outrageous betrayal and act of national sabotage – vital strategic asset being sacrificed to a multinational on the altar of neo-liberal ideology. In a statement, Richard Boyd Barrett TD, for the People Before Profit Alliance has slammed...

27th May 2015


Another Disaster for Irish Water as more data protection concerns surface People Before Profit spokesperson, Cllr Barry Martin, has described the recent reports of bill issuing errors and data protection concerns as another disaster for the company, Irish Water. On...

8th April 2015

People Before Profit supports Dunnes workers in fight for their rights as workers

People Before Profit have said that they fully support the Dunnes workers in their fight for job and income security and the right to Trade Union representation. Today around 6,000 Dunnes workers will be out on the picket line today...

2nd April 2015

The Right2Water movement remains strong as 80,000 people hit the streets in protest

Richard Boyd Barrett TD argues that the Right2Water movement remains strong on Sean ORourke Show on RTE Radio 1 on 23rd March 2015- the day after 80,000 people took part in Right2Water protest in Dublin.

24th March 2015

Water march today set to demonstrate public refusal to pay hated water tax

In a statement, People Before Profit have said that today’s official Right2Water march will provide the government with a timely reminder that people cannot and will not take any more austerity, taxes or cuts from this government. Today’s demonstration is...

21st March 2015