People Before Profit has condemned the EU’s blackmail of Greece  In the last two weeks, the EU engaged in a silent coup to break the radical left government of Greece. They imposed humiliating terms of surrender on it in order...

13th July 2015

No planning permission for Clerys new owners! Unanimous vote by committee of Dublin City Council

An emergency motion on Clerys proposed by Cllr Brid Smith of People Before Profit has just been passed by the South Central Area Committee and will go to the full City Council Meeting on 6 July. It states: “This area...

17th June 2015

Clery’s Workers should not become victims of property speculators

Councillor Brid Smith, People Before Profit spokesperson, has condemned the sacking of Clery’s workers as ”a blatant example of how property speculation is destroying lives.” “Dublin now ranks as the world’s leader for returns on commercial property. This has encouraged...

16th June 2015

Fight Water Charges- Should we boycott?

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15th June 2015

Sale of Aer Lingus will mean job cuts, and it has been proven by report

Report will test backbone and principles of the Labour Party In a statement, People  Before Profit have reiterated their total opposition to the sale of Aer Lingus to IAG. Recent reports have shown that the company would be forced to...

28th May 2015