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poolbegIn a statement this evening People Before Profit councillors in all four local authorities announced they would be voting against the proposal to proceed with the Poolbeg Incinerator. 

The plan to put a 550,00 tonne per annum incinerator at Poolbeg was first conceived in 1996 and has been held up by EU court cases over the years.  The whole project has been extremely controversial on scientific, health, environmental and cost grounds. To date the four Dublin local Authorities have spent €90million, all in pre construction costs.

Tonight and tomorrow, the four local authorities will be voting to give the chief executives the green light to proceed spending money on this ill conceived project.

If the project goes ahead all four authorities will be roped into developing the waste market in order to provide the 550,000 tonnes each year that the incinerator will need to remain profitable.

Melisa_Halpin (2)Cllr Melisa Halpin: “The plan to put an incinerator at Poolbeg was a disaster from the very start for so many reasons, not least of which is the very serious environmental problems with incineration.  On top of this, the site is utterly inappropriate, to feed a machine this size will mean that hundreds and hundreds of trucks will be trundling through Ringsend on a daily basis.  The adverse effects on the health and safety of the people of Ringsend and Sandymount are off the richter scale.

“Furthermore the economics of it are not only unsound they border on the completely insane.  The councils have already spent €90 million between them on this project, if it goes ahead all councils will be tied into a plan to create waste to feed this Poolbeg Beast.  At a time when people in the country are clamouring to recycle and reuse we should be investing money in this area not in ensuring that more waste is created so that the incinerator can become viable.”

“This is an utterly unsustainable plan that is bad for the public purse, bad for the environment and bad for the health and safety of the people of Dublin.  We need to call a halt now.  The plan was a mistake in 1996 and there is no point in compounding it to save the conscience or the careers of the politicians and civil servants involved.”

We need to follow Norway model not just tinker with terms and conditions of current regime

oil-rigIn a statement this lunchtime, People Before Profit TD, Richard Boyd Barrett said the announcement today by the Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, of a new tax regime for offshore petroleum is a result of the sustained pressure from campaigning groups around the country.
The People Before Profit TD said the consistent campaigning of different groups has forced the government into some improvement of the tax regime for offshore petroleum and said that up until this point the regime had consisted of a complete give away to multinationals of our natural resources.
However, Deputy Boyd Barrett said the government’s proposals fall way short of what is actually needed to ensure that the citizens of Ireland get the full benefit of these enormously valuable resources.
In particular, he said any increased tax take should be retrospective on any licences already given out and that a royalty regime that ensures a far greater share of the value of any oil produced to the Irish state was needed.
He said that a production sharing approach is needed and that under no circumstances should ownership of the gas and oil be handed over to multi-national companies.

He said further, that stipulations should be included in any agreements with oil companies and that local workers here in Ireland must get a significant share of any exploration and service related work and that similarly ensured the development of an indigenous industry in the area of oil and gas oil and gas production

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Midlands wind farms or Dublin Bay plans have nothing to do with tackling climate change and everything to do with corporate grab of natural resources

In a statement, Richard Boyd Barrett TD, People Before Profit TD, commended communities from the midlands region for marching to the Dail today in opposition to plans to site thousands of giant wind turbines across a number of midland counties.


Richard Boyd Barrett TD at the protest in Dublin

Deputy Boyd Barrett said that “Ireland urgently needs to develop renewable energy but the plans to build thousands of giant turbines across the midlands will contribute little to tackling climate change and were, in reality, motivated by a corporate grab for control of Ireland’s natural resources and the pursuit of private profit.”

Deputy Boyd Barrett said: “the large-scale corporate industrialised approach to developing renewable energy had failed to make a convincing case in terms of environmental efficiency but will certainly do significant damage to Ireland’s natural heritage and landscape and represented a serious threat to the health and safety of rural communities and local economies.”

He added that: “before any such projects are even considered, there needs to be a root and branch re-evaluation of energy and natural resources policy to ensure that the development of the countries resources gives the maximum benefit and protection to local communities, to the citizens of the country generally, and are genuinely sustainable – in the real meaning of the term.”

“There are major question marks over whether these huge turbines actually reduce carbon when you look at the amounts of carbon that produced building them and all the associated transport costs. Meanwhile, we can say with certainty, they will do significant damage to the amenity, heritage and wildlife value of the countryside where they are located. There are also major health safety concerns for the communities living near them.”

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As thousands of people are gathered for a major rally against pylons and wind turbines outside the Dail, Richard Boyd Barrett TD challenges Taoiseach Enda Kenny to a real and honest debate on renewable energy.

Richard Boyd Barrett TD, People Before Profit Alliance, speaking on the Wind Turbine Regulation Bill 2014 in the Dail today (Wednesday 9th) stressed the need for proper transparency and public consultation needed in the development of renewable energy resources .

Brid Smith to Host Major Conference Against the Privatisation of Water




A Conference on the Politics, Selling and Privatisation of Water

Convened by Brid Smith, People Before Profit candidate for Europe

Sponsored by Unite the Union.

“Water promises to be the 21st century what oil was to the 20th century: the precious commodity that determines the wealth of nations”

Richard Boyd Barrett TD debates the Great Oil & Gas Giveaway on RTE’s Primetime on Tuesday 11th March 2014. Other panelists included Minister Pat Rabbitte TD and Eddie Hobbs.

rbb dailSpeaking in the Dáil this evening during statement on the Review of the Programme for Government Richard Boyd Barrett TD accused the government of bullshit for claiming they have successfully turned the economy around when there is an emergency in the health service, in social housing, homelessness and the numbers of people living in poverty.

Deputy Boyd Barrett slammed government policy for leading directly to a dramatic rise in homelessness and poverty, and claimed that the new Gateway scheme was a Fine Gael “wet dream to force young people to work for next to nothing and displace proper paid employment in the public service.

Richard Boyd Barrett said, “The Taoiseach and the Tánaiste might as well be on another planet in another stratosphere and their definition of success is perverse if success is lining the pockets of bankers, speculators and spin-doctors at the expense of the people of the country. If success is to eliminate poverty and homelessness and maintain a health service that keeps people safe then the programme for government has been an absolute failure”.

The only people applauding this government are the elites – the bankers, the property speculators, the multi-national corporations and the consultants and CEOs on massive salaries.

Government policies are leading directly to the biggest homelessness and housing crisis the state has ever seen. Rent caps for Dublin and urban centres are leading to people losing their homes and driving increasing numbers into homelessness. Tens of thousands of people have been on housing lists for years and instead of putting people to work and building social housing the government is incentivising speculators to buy property cheaply.

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walk in the woodsThe Woodland League with the Natural Resources Protection Alliance, invite you to a walk in the Kilbride Millennium Wood, beside Shelton abbey, on Sunday the 8th December. This is part of a continuation of the “Save Ireland’s Forests Campaign. “

An Italian film crew will be present to record the event as part of a documentary, they are making focused on Privatisation of Public Assets, across the EU.

Meet at entrance at 2 pm, bring suitable shoes and raingear.

All welcome, please bring your Millennium Tree Certificate, particularly if it is for Kilbride Wood, no harm if not.

Facebook Event Page HERE

Richard Boyd Barrett TD speaking on the ‘bailout exit’, mortgage arrears and pylons on RTE’s Leaders Questions 28th November 2013