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Brid-Smith-2a-241x300People Before Profit TD, Bríd Smith, accused the Government and Minister Dennis Naughton of dangerous inaction after recent revelations over the safety of the Sellafield nuclear facility. Deputy Smith said the Minister’s statement that they are seeking a meeting of the “UK-Ireland Contact Group on Radiological Matters” was farcical considering the seriousness of the recent revelations.
Deputy Smith said that recent revelations highlighted by a wistleblower on the BBC’s Panorama program, only confirmed longstanding fears from campaigners about the site. “There is a long history of scares, radioactive leaks, near misses and unsafe practices at this site. The recent revelations confirm the British Government’s own National Audit Office complaint from 2012 about the management of 50 year old storage ponds. We were told then it was being sorted just as we are being reassured now. The Government’s attitude is incomprehensible considering the potential disaster that awaits if a fire or accident were to happen.”
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People Before Profit has launched a campaign calling for the new green bin charges to be scrapped

CifeXlqWsAAx6e0It was introduced by former environment minister Alan Kelly in the last weeks of his ministry. Richard Boyd Barrett TD said it was an “absolutely disgraceful” action by Mr Kelly.

He said that the move will be “extremely damaging” to the environment, discourage people from recycling and encourage more illegal dumping.

Deputy Boyd Barrett said the only beneficiaries would be private and for-profit waste operators which would result in “environmental sabotage”.

Mr Kelly previously stated that the new charge would reduce costs for 87% of homeowners if they sort their waste properly, but Mr Boyd Barrett said: “I don’t think we can believe Alan Kelly at all”.

He said if the charges are introduced, it shows extreme environmental hypocrisy on Mr Kelly’s part. The party claims the charges, introduced by former Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly, are “environmental sabotage”.

New pay by weight fees for recycling are due to take effect in July, a move the party says is for profit interests rather than environmental concerns.

People Before Profit TD Brid Smith, says the service should remain free of charge. She said: “We haven’t up to now been charged for recycling, we haven’t paid for the recycling content of the green bin, and there’s a reason for that. “It is because recycling is good for the environment and now we are told that we must pay for it when it in itself generates a profit. So the activity of people separating their rubbish and putting it into green bins rather than everything into a black bin creates a profit for the companies that collect it.”

People Before Profit to campaign against Infrastrata exploratory drill near Woodburn Reservoir in Co. Antrim

MLA and TD hit out at ‘cloak and dagger’ tactic by authorities in allowing this drill to take place; implications for South

People Before Profit to move Bill to ban fracking in the Dáil once it resumes

Cllr Gerry Carroll, People Before Profit, Belfast City Council

Gerry Carroll MLA, People Before Profit, West Belfast

People Before Profit MLA, Gerry Carroll and TD, Richard Boyd Barrett condemn moves to initiate fracking in Co Antrim and warned if test drills go ahead it could open the door for fracking North and South. The statement comes after NI Water’s decision to allow Infrastrata to begin drilling for oil just 380 metres away from Woodburn reservoir in Co Antrim. This could lead to UK company, Tramboran, attempting to drill in Fermanagh, which in turn, could lead to fracking in Leitrim and Cavan.

Gerry Carroll said: “We are concerned that streets in West Belfast and across Belfast could be impacted by this drill. The decision by NI water to allow drilling to take place just 380 metres from the reservoir is a scandal, with no thought whatsoever given to the potential impact on the region’s water supply. This could affect tens of thousands of homes across Antrim. A leak near the Carrickfergus reservoir would have a disastrous effect for the people living in the surrounding area.

“NI water is the regulating body tasked with providing clean, hygienic drinking water for people in the North. Yet they have given the go ahead for a major US oil company to begin drilling right next to one of our major reservoirs.”

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Government promises on Climate Change and reducing fossil fuel nothing but “hot air” if they refuse to ban fracking

fracking billRichard Boyd Barrett TD for the People Before Profit Alliance today presented a bill to the Dáil calling for a complete ban on Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) in Ireland.

The bill has been drafted by Kate Ruddock, Friends of the Earth and Attracta Uí Bhroin, Vice-President An Taisce.

At a press conference today in Buswell’s Hotel, Deputy Boyd Barrett joined with environmental groups and anti-fracking campaigners to outline the details of the Prohibition of Hydraulic Fracturing Bill 2015.

Speakers at the press conference joining Deputy Boyd Barrett included: Kate Ruddock, Friends of the Earth, Scott Croombs from Love Leitrim (anti-fracking campaign) and Attracta Uí Bhroin, Vice Chair An Taisce

Deputy Boyd Barrett and other speakers at the press conference said government promises to help tackle climate change, reduce CO2 emissions and move to a more sustainable energy policy, following the Paris Climate summit, could not be taken seriously unless they were matched with actions such as a complete ban on fracking.

Deputy Boyd Barrett introduced the bill in the Dáil after the Order of Business.

Richard Boyd Barrett said: “Government announcements this week, in the aftermath of the Paris Climate summit, that they are serious about tackling climate change and reducing fossil fuel use, are nothing more than “hot air,” if they don’t immediately ban fracking. How can Minister White’s statement’s yesterday that the government are determined to reduce Ireland’s CO2 emissions, be taken in anyway seriously, if at the same time they allow efforts to commence fracking in this country to progress. If we are serious about tackling run-away climate change we must ban fracking and leave this shale gas in the ground.

It is also deeply disturbing that at the Joint Oireachtas Committee last week, the EPA admitted in response to questions I asked them, that the report they are currently undertaking into fracking would not when it is completed be able to tell us whether fracking represented a danger to human health.  New York has just banned fracking on health grounds. How could fracking be unsafe for human health in New York and safe in Ireland? The truth is, the EPA report into fracking is a sham exercise, hopelessly corrupted by the central involvement of pro-fracking companies such as DKM Smith and AMEC, who are bought and paid for by the big gas and oil companies.”     Continue reading

Richard Boyd Barrett TD on RTE’s “The Week in Politics” Nov 1st, alongside Joe Higgins TD and Minister Alex White, Labour Party discussing the Right2Change movement, Housing Crisis, Wind Energy and US Elections.


Housing Crisis:

Wind Energy Protests:

US Presidential Elections:

People Before Profit Councillors propose new green policy

At at special meeting on the County Development Plan in Dun Laoghaire tonight, a People Before Profit motion on a policy that will see green roofs on all large developments was passed as part of the new County Development Plan.

All new developments over the size of 300sq meters must now have 60% grass and foliage cover on roofs in Dun Laoghaire Rathdown area.

karl gillSpeaking at the meeting Cllr Karl Gill of People Before Profit commented: “This is a really important step for Dun Laoghaire Rathdown to take. Large buildings will now have to adhere to this policy where they will have to construct their roof space with grass and foliage which will greatly assist in terms of preventing flooding and helping drainage systems. It will also help in terms of protecting local biodiversity and reducing carbon emissions due to lower need for usage of heating systems.

Its high time that local authorities expressed bravery in taking similar steps, we need to stop dragging our heels on environmentally friendly policies and just get on with it. All round I am happy that council management have accepted to my proposal for this policy and I imagine that we will soon see its benefits”