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After Chilcot Blair should be indicted for war crimes and US troops should now be denied access to Shannon, says organiser of 100,000 strong anti-war demonstration in 2003.

Fianna Fail also has blood of hundreds of thousands on their hands for facilitating Bush and Blair’s illegitimate war in Iraq.


In a statement, Richard Boyd Barrett TD, one of the key organisers of the 100,000 strong demonstration in Ireland against the then planned US/UK led war in Iraq in February 2003, has said that former British Prime-Minster, Tony Blair, should now be indicted for war crimes, following the publication of the Chilcot report.

Deputy Boyd Barrett said also that the Fianna Fail government at the time of the war, along with Tony Blair and former US President, George Bush Jr, had the blood of hundreds of thousands who died during the Iraq war on their hands, because of the decision to facilitate US military machine at Shannon airport.

Deputy Boyd Barrett said, that the only fitting response in Ireland to the Chilcot report was “even at this late stage, to deny the US war machine access to facilities at Shannon airport.”

Richard Boyd Barrett said: “The Chilcot report confirms everything that those of us, who organised and marched against Bush and Blair’s bloody war, said back in 2003.

For the hundreds of thousands who were slaughtered in a war that was wholly immoral, unjustified and, almost certainly, criminal, Chilcot comes far too late. However, justice demands, at the very least, that those like Blair who made false and exaggerated claims to justify that war should now be indicted for the mass murder and destruction they inflicted on the people of Iraq and their own servicemen.

The Fianna Fail government that facilitated the Bush and Blair war on Iraq, by allowing the US war machine to use Shannon airport to prosecute that criminal war, should also hang their heads in shame. They, along with Bush and Blair, have the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi’s on their hands.

Fianna Fail refused to listen to the 100,000 people who came onto the streets in Dublin in February 2003 – an unprecedented demonstration demanding that Ireland should play no role in supporting an immoral and illegitimate war. They chose instead to listen to the lies and exaggerations of Tony Blair and George Bush and assist these warmongers with a bloody slaughter that destroyed Iraq and ultimately led to the horrors we are now witnessing in Syria. Surely, there can be no greater crime and failure of duty than that.

Although it is too late for the hundreds of thousands that have been murdered, and the millions who have been displaced in Iraq and Syria, the only fitting response here in Ireland to the Chilcot report is to now deny the US war machine the use of facilities at Shannon airport.”


Trump is a dangerous, racist, sexist, warmonger who should not be welcomed to Ireland says People Before Profit TD

Protest being planned to coincide with Trump visit to Ireland

donald-trumpRichard Boyd Barrett TD, of People Before Profit has said that Donald Trump should receive no official or public welcome during his forthcoming planned visit to Ireland and revealed that protests are being planned for his visit.

Deputy Boyd Barrett cited Trumps comments about Muslims, immigrants, women, refugees and American foreign policy as “vile, dangerous, racist and sexist”.

Deputy Boyd Barrett also said Trumps foreign policy announcements in relation to the escalation of bombing in Syria and a more aggressive military stance in the Middle East represent a serious danger to the world.

People Before Profit are planning protests for when Trump comes to Co. Clare and are urging members of the public who oppose racism, sexism and war to join the protest.

Deputy Boyd Barrett said “Donald Trump is an incredibly dangerous individual who should not be put in charge of the US military. Donald Trump is an out and out racist, sexist and bigot and his comments are disgusting. He should be opposed by all sections of society in America and across the world.

“He is also a total sexist and his comments objectify women.  It is totally outrageous for him to suggest punishing women who procure abortions in the US.

“His comments about ‘banning all Muslims’ from entering the US are disgraceful and vile. His racist and bigoted comments about Mexican immigrants as being rapists and murders are scandalous. These comments have real consequences for real people as they seek to escalate racial tension and encourage racial violence.

“He has also made horrendous comments about refugees, claiming that refugees are a ‘Trojan horse’. In Europe we are experiencing a massive refugee crisis with very vulnerable people risking their lives, fleeing war torn countries like Syria and Iraq. This refugee crisis is a direct result of US foreign policy in Iraq and across the Middle East. For Donald Trump to be put in charge of US foreign policy would have calamitous consequences for the world in my opinion.

 “Donald Trump is not a joke like some people are saying. He should be opposed by anyone who believes in human decency and solidarity.”


Richard Boyd Barrett TD, People Before Profit Alliance discussing the aftermath of the Paris attacks on Prime Time 18th November 2015, with Anne McElvoy, Editor, The Economist.

People Before Profit TD says Irish government must speak out against further bombing of Syria in response to Paris atrocity

Richard - Copy (2)In a statement, Richard Boyd Barrett TD for the People Before Profit Alliance has called on the Irish government to speak out against further French, Russian and US bombing of Syria in response to last Friday’s atrocity in Paris.

Deputy Boyd Barrett, who condemned as a “barbaric atrocity” and “vile act” the attack by ISIS in Paris, said that further bombing by France and the US in Syria would result in more innocent deaths, escalate the cycle of violence, and fuel support for violent and sectarian extremist groups such as ISIS.

Deputy Boyd Barrett said the best way to prevent further atrocities was to end military intervention by the big powers in the Middle East and Afghanistan and to cease financial and military aid to despotic and oppressive regions in the region such as Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, Iraq and the regime of Bashar Al-Assad.

He said it was also vital that any attempt to scape-goat the wider Muslim community for the crimes of a tiny unrepresentative minority must be completely resisted.   

Deputy Boyd Barrett will speak in the Dail at 18.55 this evening on the aftermath of the Paris attack.

Richard Boyd Barrett said: “The killing of 129 people in Paris by ISIS was a barbaric atrocity that must be condemned by all. It was a vile act motivated by a hateful sectarian view of the world where the people of different nationalities who congregated in Paris were defined as living in a world of ‘adultery and vice’. Only religious fanatics who were motivated by such a terrible political vision could carry out the murders in such a cold-blooded and calculating fashion.

However, to respond to this unspeakable atrocity by further bombing of Syria, as France and the US are proposing to do, is utter folly. More bombing will lead to further innocent deaths and will fuel the growth of violent extremist groups like ISIS. The only way to overcome this terrorist threat is to understand the context it grew out of. Continue reading


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