Brid Smith TD today condemned the attitude and actions of the Custom House apartment management company in relation to its treatment of several security workers at the complex.
Deputy Smith believes the management’s actions that have resulted in no security cover or untrained cover on several occasions is placing the health and safely of over 3,000 people living in the apartments at risk.
Deputy Smith stated “I would urge the management company to properly engage with these workers, the safety issue is too important to be left to the whims of individuals or to any haphazard arrangement. In the event of an emergency these issues could have huge implication for everybody concerned”
The Apartment complex has been the site of ongoing protests by security workers concerned at both their treatment in relation to workplace issues and safety concerns over staffing arrangements implemented by the management company.
Deputy Smith said she would be contacting both the City Council and other bodies who have a responsibility to ensure such apartments are operated in a safe manner and again urged the company to treat its workers with the respect that their work deserved.