One down, more to go until the water commission and water charges is abolished

water billIn a statement, People Before Profit TD, Brid Smith, has said while she is happy that Joe O’Toole has stepped down from the water charges commission there still remains the overarching issue of the rest of the clearly biased commission members who must be removed.

It is important, according to Deputy Smith, that Mr O’Toole “is not used as a scape goat to try and divert attention away from the glaring democratic deficit surrounding the creation of this commission and those members on it.”

Deputy Smith continued to say that “the people spoke clearly during the water charges demonstrations, the largest mass mobilisations of people that this country has ever seen and during the general election when a majority of the TD’s in the Dail were elected on mandate of abolishing water charges completely. These events have rocked the political establishment and the only option for them is abolition of charges and Irish Water for good.

“Whilst I am pleased that Mr O’Toole has now stepped down, the more serious issue of the commission itself still remains.  The commission contains a lot of people who accept, as a fact, that water services should be paid for through user charges. There is no way that this commission can be seen as impartial. There is not one person from the Right2Water movement on this commission. It is clear that the only aim of this commission is to try to sneak water charges in the back door or as Simon Coveney said “create acceptance” among citizens as to how best to pay for water.

“The will of the people of this country was to put the issue of water charges and Irish Water to bed and fully abolish this toxic entity and consign water charges to the dust bin of history where they belong.”