The new government’s housing regulations mean that thousands of people are never going to get a home that they can call their own. In Dun Laoghaire there are currently over 4000 people on the housing waiting list. Council Management have confirmed that they will build NO houses at all this year; they will only lease new properties. What does this new scheme mean for you? If you are on RAS: You will be removed from the housing list. This is an absolute disgrace. Most of you went in to RAS on the understanding that this was just a stop gap and that you would eventually get a house of your own. Now you could be in rented accommodation, at the whim of a landlord, for the rest of your life. Come to the meeting on July 14th, 8pm, The Graduate to hear more.

Futher information: Cllr Melisa Halpin 086 3805793;Cllr Hugh Lewis 086 7814523

Download the leaflet for the meeting here: Housing Meeting Leaflet July 2011