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Richard Boyd Barrett speaking on Abortion Bill

Statement on pre European Council meeting of 18th-19th December 2014

Richard Boyd Barrett Question to Taoiseach on Corporation tax on December 16th.

Listen to Richard Boyd Barrett TD, People Before Profit Alliance debate Water Charges with Fine Gael’s Regina Doherty TD on Michael Reade Show on LMFM (Louth Meath Radio) on December 15th 2014.

In light of Brendan Olge, Unite Trade Union/ Right2Water’s call for the building of a political alternative, Richard Boyd Barrett TD, People Before Profit discusses with panellists, including Cllr Michael O’Brien, Anti Austerity Alliance/Socialist Party, the future left cooperation and unity on Vincent Browne Show .

Richard Boyd Barrett TD, People Before Profit Alliance, reveals that Irish Water customer agreement has implications for water harvesting and water conservation by users. See Obligations of Customer, Section 1.9.7, Page 17 of the Irish Water Agreement.

“The Customer shall not allow the discharge of rainwater run-off from roofs, paved areas or other surfaces into any Sewer, except as may otherwise be agreed in advance with Irish Water in writing”

Deputy Boyd Barrett also reveals the similarities between the regulations around Irish Water and those of water authorities around the world which ended up being privatised.

Speaking in the Dail on December 11th, Richard Boyd Barrett challenges the government on the wording of legislation that allows for the future privatization of water.

Richard Boyd Barrett TD, People Before Profit Alliance, speaking at Right2Water on December 10th.

Richard Boyd Barrett on Sinn Fein’s motion to recognize the State of Palestine

Richard Boyd Barrett question’s Taoiseach on the Economic Management Council’s failure to understand what the people saying on water charges, on the monies being spent on water metering, the serious concerns over the contract for water metering and more generally on the economic priorities of the government.