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r2water local demos - CopyAs the list of Right2Water protests reaches 90 events nationwide, Dun Laoghaire Right2Water Campaign has announced details of its local November 1st demonstration.

The event organised by the communities of Dún Laoghaire Rathdown and supported by People Before Profit,  Sinn Féin, Mandate, Unite, CPSU and CWU trade unions,  will start at 1pm at Glasthule Dart Station and will march to Dún Laoghaire Town Centre.

Speakers at the event will include: Richard Boyd Barrett TD, People Before Profit Alliance, Lynn Boylan MEP, Sinn Fein, Cllr Shane O’Brien, Sinn Fein and Cllrs Melisa Halpin and Hugh Lewis, People Before Profit Alliance as well as Trade Union speakers.

There will be music from Evelyn Campbell and others.

Organised as a family friendly protest, there will be activities for children including blue hands off our water sheet painting.

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rbb water chargesAt a press event/photocall outside Dáil Éireann on Kildare St today, organised by political parties and Independents involved in the Right2Water campaign, TD’s and Councillors displayed maps of Ireland and Dublin highlighting over 70 demonstrations taking place nationwide this Saturday November 1st, including 20 protests in in different areas of Dublin.

Attending the event were Richard Boyd Barrett TD (People Before Profit Alliance), Clare Daly TD, (United Left), Paul Murphy TD, (Anti-Austerity Alliance) and Cllr Daithi Doolin (Sinn Fein) and a number of trade union representatives.

Protests against the water charges will take place in the following locations: Clare, Cork, Donegal, Galway, Kerry, Kildare, Kilkenny, Limerick, Louth, Meath, Roscommon, Sligo, Waterford, Wexford, Wicklow and over 20 locations in Dublin.

Participants in today’s event were keen to emphasise that the number of new areas around the country announcing protests on November 1st was now rising on a daily basis and was likely to rise further before the weekend.

The organisers predicted that the total number of people protesting nationwide on Saturday would exceed the enormous 100,000 strong protest organized by Right2Water in Dublin on October 11th.

The Right2Water campaigners said that it was clear that the government had been rocked by the scale of anti-water protests on October 11th but pledged to continue and escalate the protests over the coming weeks until the government agreed to abolish water charges and dismantle Irish Water.

The Right2Water campaign has announced a further national demonstration at Dáil Éireann on Wednesday December 10th.

Richard Boyd Barrett TD, People Before Profit Alliance said: “An unprecedented revolt of the people is underway against these hated and unjust water charges and this weekend’s demonstrations will take that revolt to a new level. The people have had enough of six years of relentless and cruel austerity and they are now saying enough is enough. Water charges and the scandal that is Irish water is simply a step too far. Water is a human right for every citizen not something to be bought and sold. And for many, these charges are simply unpayable. The government are reeling in the face of these protests but the protests will continue and escalate until this government listens to the people and abolishes these obnoxious charges.”

Clare Daly TD, United Left said: “The people’s army is on the march, and will not settle for anything less than full abolition of the water charges. The Government is on the run, let’s finish them off! We are calling on all citizens to play their part in this, our developing history. Find the protest near you, turn out with your family and friends… November 1st will dwarf October 11th & be an unstoppable display of people power, the forerunner of mass civil disobedience that will make this tax uncollectible.”

Cllr. Daithi Doolan, Sinn Féin said: “Sinn Féin are happy to play an active role in this genuine broad, citizen based campaign. We will continue to work with others until this government sees sense and rubbishes this outrageous charge. If Fine Gael and Labour Party refuse to yield then we will make water charges the number one issue in the forthcoming general election.

“Sinn Féin encourages people and their families to turn out in their thousands this Saturday. Join your local Right2Water protest and bring the scrapping of water charges even nearer.”

Paul Murphy TD, Anti-Austerity Alliance said: “Saturday’s national day of local protests will demonstrate that the panic measures by the government designed to ease in the water charges will have had little effect. Momentum continues to gather and people who at the outset were unsure if we could beat this unjust tax have been enormously boosted by the high levels of activity, meetings and protests across the state. The ongoing effective resistance to the water meter installation programme and the mass non-compliance with the Irish Water packs are two massive blows to their agenda. It all bodes well for the decisive stage when the bills are issued to us all in January where people who I hope decide not to pay will be very confident in their decision.”

Government collaboration with big corporations on tax avoidance another reason to bring the country to a stand-still in Saturday’s water tax protests

rbb housingIn a statement, Richard Boyd Barrett TD for the People Before Profit Alliance and one of the organisers of this Saturday’s (Nov 1st) nationwide protests against water charges has condemned the government’s new corporate tax “Knowledge box” plans as “yet another plot by this government to help staggeringly profitable multinational companies avoid paying billions in tax, while at the very same time working to ram the unjust water tax down the throats of struggling families.”

Deputy Boyd Barrett’s statement comes in the wake of comments made by Minister Richard Bruton during his current US trade visit and reports that the government is working with US multinationals to develop the new “knowledge box” tax scheme.

Deputy Boyd Barrett said the latest revelation of the government’s grossly unfair tax priorities should prompt all those angry about the water charges and tax injustice to take to the streets this Saturday (Nov 1st) in over 50 demonstrations nationwide organized by the Right2Water campaign. He called on the public to “bring the country to a standstill on Saturday, to express their rage against the planned water tax and the gross injustice of the tax system in Ireland, which protects the super-wealthy and punishes the less well-off.”

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SOBwaterfordThe People Before Profit Alliance strongly condemns the attacks in Waterford on Saturday evening which forced three Roma families to flee their homes.

‘This attack was clearly characterised by racism and a lynch mob atmosphere and neither of these things has any place in our society’, said Richard Boyd Barrett, People Before Profit TD. ’There needs to be a strong and united response to this from the people of Waterford and I hope that local people will turn out in numbers on Wednesday to show their opposition to racism in all its forms’.

The Roma people who came to Europe about a thousand years ago have endured centuries of persecution and oppression culminating in the Nazi Holocaust which murdered as high a proportion of the Roma population as it did of the Jewish people. Roma continue to face dreadful discrimination and violent attacks in much of Europe.

‘We must not the same thing to happen here. We should welcome Roma to Ireland not hate them or marginalise them. Roma culture has much to offer us, especially its wonderful music and dance,’ said Cllr Deirde Wadding, of Wexford People Before Profit.

‘Focussing on Roma families for their alleged crimes is attacking the wrong target,’ said Cllr Brid Smith, People Before Profit leader on Dublin City Council. ’The real criminals in this country are the bankers and fat cats who have robbed us all through the bank bail-outs and the water charges. The people of Waterford of all colours and all ethnic groups should unite with people right across Ireland in the great movement that is sweeping the country against water charges. We must not allow ourselves to be divided by racist scapegoating.’

People Before Profit urges support for the Demonstration against Racism, Xenophobia and Mob Rule at Waterford Railway Station on Wednesday at 5.30pm and also calls on everyone to come out against the water charges on November 1st in a strong display of unity.

In a statement this evening People Before Profit announced that they will be taking part in the Abortion Pill Train to Belfast tomorrow.

A number of pro choice activists including Councillors and TD’s will be travelling to Belfast and will bring Abortion Pills back to Dublin with them.

Richard - Copy (2)Richard Boyd Barrett TD and Cllr Melisa Halpin (Dun Laoghaire) and Cllr Deirdre Wadding (Wexford) will be taking part in the action to highlight the lack of any real choice for pregnant women and girls in Ireland today.

In 1971 a number of activists took the famous “Contraception Train” to Belfast and returned with condoms which were then illegal in the Republic of Ireland.  The action tomorrow will remember the women of 1971 and will show the hypocrisy of the Irish State, whose regime has seen over 150,000 women travel abroad for abortions in the last 30 years.

Cllr Melisa Halpin said:  “Abortion is a lived reality for Irish women North and South. Women who have neither the means nor the ability to travel to England to have an abortion are increasingly turning to organisations like Women on Web to access safe abortion. Today’s action is about calling time on the Irish State’s hypocrisy on abortion and demanding access to free, safe and legal abortion in Ireland.”

Cllr Deirdre Wadding added: “I think it is essential that women have a choice and I am happy to be part of this action to highlight the fact that Irish women have no choice and that they have to travel to access options.  Having been through the experience in 1981 of being a pregnant teenager sent to a mother and baby home, I believe none of us have the right to make choices for anyone else and every woman must have access to a full range of options.”

Richard Boyd Barrett TD added: “I am travelling to Belfast tomorrow as an act of solidarity with all the women who have had to travel to access their right to choose.  In the last decades we have seen the horrendous cases of Ms X, A, B, C, D and the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar, all because women in Ireland do not have the rights that their counterparts in the rest of Europe have.  Most recently the case of Ms Y shows the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act to be a total travesty.  If we are to get real rights for women in Ireland we will need to Repeal the 8th Amendment.”

Irish Water a “Frankenstein Monster” of the Government’s own creation but people power on Nov 1st can deliver knock-out blow to unjust and hated charges.

Richard-BoydIn a statement this afternoon, Richard Boyd Barrett TD, for the People Before Profit Alliance and one of the organisers of the massive demonstration on October 11th, has said that Tainaste, Joan Burton’s, admission in the Dail today that the time-line for the establishment of Irish water was “over ambitious” and that a flat charge period for water charges may be extended was evidence that “the government are reeling and back-pedaling in the face of an unprecedented popular revolt.”

He also accused Fianna Fáil of gross hypocrisy for pretending they are now concerned about water charges given that “they were the party who originally made the agreement with the Troika to bring in the charges”.  He said Fianna Fail’s posturing’s on the issue in the Dail this week was “the act of cynical opportunists desperately trying to cover-up their own culpability in introducing water charges.“

Deputy Boyd Barrett said the protest of 100,000 people on Saturday October 11th was “not just a flash in the pan but the beginning of” a now rapidly growing and escalating popular revolt across the country.”

The People before Profit TD further stated that “the November 1st protests taking place in towns, cities and districts in every part of the country will take resistance to water charges to a new and higher level.”

Richard Boyd Barrett said: “The big lesson when we see the rapid back-pedaling of the government and the dishonest posturing of Fianna Fáil is that people power is working and that we need to escalate and build the protests over the coming weeks.

The November 1st protests are now being organised to intensify the pressure on every government TD in every single constituency. All the signs from the massive meetings that are taking place around the country, on almost every day of the week, show that the movement against water charges is swelling and escalating dramatically. After the massive demonstration on October 11th, the people sense blood on this issue and they are right.

Fianna Fáil’s astonishing conversion on the road to Damascus really is pretty extraordinary as they signed-up to implement the charges themselves. However it is a remarkable testament to the power of mass protest and the growing revolt that both the government parties and Fianna Fáil opposition are falling over themselves to shift their positions in the Irish water debacle.

The stunning dishonesty of Fine Gael and Labour to distance themselves from their own policy decisions, by blaming the board of Irish Water, is beyond belief. It was their policy, their legislation and their votes that set up the super-quango that is Irish Water and their efforts to now distance themselves from their own deeds are simply stomach-churning. If they are now so concerned about problems in Irish Water all they have to do is repeal the legislation, abolish water charges and dismantle the Frankenstein monster that is Irish Water”.

With the government in disarray on the water charges, now is the time for the people for the people to press home their advantage by taking to the streets in even bigger numbers on November 1st and deliver a knockout blow to this unjust and hated tax.” 

dlrrc nov 1Your local Dun Laoghaire Right2Water protest on Nov 1st.

Facebook Event HERE

Please spread the word.

There will be protests on Nov 1st in towns and villages all across the country.

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nat protestSpeaking on the issue of water charges Richard Boyd Barrett TD, People Before Profit Alliance said: “The message from Saturday’s massive protest is utterly unmistakable: Ordinary people have had enough after six years of austerity – they simply cannot and will not take any more in the form of water charges!

They want these hateful charges abolished and they expect some meaningful relief from the crippling burden that has been imposed on them over the last six years

After the massive protest on Saturday there is no good reason not to continue to mobilise against water charges. The revolt against this unfair charge is certain to continue and the government will get its response to its budget from the numbers of people on the streets in towns and cities all across the country on 1st November.”

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