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gaza mtg

Since the Israeli war on Gaza began on July 8th, over 2000 Palestinian men, women and children have been killed and the homes of Palestinians, the infrastructure of Gaza city and basic necessities for life have been devastated by the military might of Israel.
Citizens have been targeted day after day and the Israelis have perpetrated massacre after massacre as the U.N and international community refuses to take affirmative action to stop the daily horrors taking place.
This crisis in Gaza is just the latest in 60 years of oppression and occupation of Palestine. There have been three similar onslaughts on Gaza in the last ten year alone in addition to thousands of illegal settlements and mass expulsions.
In between the big massacres such as the one we have witnessed since July, life for Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank involves daily persecution at the hands of the Israelis. Gaza in particular has been under siege since 2007 when the Israelis stopped the
movement of people and goods between Gaza and Israel, with access to the most basic of medicines and food stuffs restricted.
We believe our government is facilitating Israeli war crimes by its refusal to take a stance.
At a U.N vote on July 23rd newly appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan abstained from a vote on a simple resolution to set up a commission of inquiry into the brutality of the Israeli military in Gaza.
All over the world we have seen massive protests in solidarity with Gaza. Across Ireland thousands of people protested on a weekly basis with massive protests at the Israeli embassy.
There is a growing movement of support for the campaign of Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment in support of the people in Gaza and the broader Palestine under occupation.
Israel is not a normal state, it is a racist state and as international governments refuse to take action we must.

Just like the campaign to bring down the apartheid South African regime, many now believe Boycott can help to end Israeli apartheid however many people also feel quite rightly that they do not want to be anti-semitic. If you would like to hear more about the nature of the Israeli state, the ideology of Zionism, reasons to Boycott Israel and how an international
boycott can have a real impact, come along to our meeting on 2nd September.

Download leaflet here: PALESTINE LEAFLET AUG 2014

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choiceIn a statement today, People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett condemned the state for denying a suicidal rape victim her legal right to an abortion.

While the details of the case reported in the weekend newspapers are incomplete it is clear that a woman sought an abortion on grounds of suicide, under section 9 of The Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act and despite her case fulfilling the criteria of the X case she was still refused access to an abortion.

Richard Boyd Barrett also said that the fact the woman had to wait over 16 weeks for the decision is unacceptable by any standards.

Furthermore it seems the woman was not helped to access abortion in Britain despite her constitutional right to travel for one.

Richard Boyd Barrett said, “The treatment of a woman in such traumatic circumstances by the Irish state is both shocking and shameful. As many predicted the Protection of Life During Pregnancy legislation has done nothing to further reproductive choice for women in this country and as this case shows has in fact made the situation even more dangerous.

It is clear that real reform is needed to ensure women in Ireland can have access to abortion and for this to happen we have to repeal the eighth amendment”.

Richard Boyd Barrett will be supporting the protest called by Choice Ireland, Abortion Rights Campaign, Rally For Choice Ireland and Aims Ireland which will take place on Wednesday 20th August at 6pm at the Spire on O’Connell St., Dublin.

water billThe Commission for Energy Regulation have announced the rates for water charges from the 1st of October. The estimated average charge for an average household is €278 a year – already €38 higher than the maximum estimate given by the government before the Local and European elections.

This disgraceful charge includes a cut in the promised “free allocation” of 31000 litres per child to 21000 litres per child and only applies to children under 16. No additional allowances have been made for the unemployed, the elderly or those with disabilities and special medical needs – they must pay exactly the same as other households.

These charges are only the tip of the iceberg and have absolutely nothing to do with conservation of water – Irish Water have committed to “full cost recovery” and so any reduction in water use will see these charges rise. Charges will also rise as the Government cut their subvention to Irish water. Cllr Brid Smith of People Before Profit said “These charges are an outrageous imposition on already struggling families. Even with charges temporarily capped at the assessed charge rates no allowances have been made for people’s ability to pay or for those such as the elderly, the disabled or people with medical needs. The charges announced are the thin end of the wedge and will continue to increase as Irish Water pursues a policy of full cost recovery. We already pay for our water through general taxation and these charges amount to double taxation, they are yet another way for the government to push the burden of the financial crisis onto the shoulders of ordinary people who had no part in creating the crisis.” People Will Resist Cllr. Smith continued “People will not accept yet another charge at a time when they are already suffering from high unemployment, falling wages and a raft of austerity charges and service cuts.

People Before Profit will be at the heart of helping to build resistance to these charges throughout the country. We need a mass movement of people power to tell the Government Enough is Enough!”