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RTE News Report on the looming eviction crisis for tenants. The report follows Richard Boyd Barrett TD’s call for protection and rights for tenants in receivership and urgent action to prevent families being made homeless.

PBPA TD calls for protection and rights for tenants in receivership and urgent action to prevent families being made homeless

rbb housing press conferenceA press conference today in Buswell’s Hotel, organised by People Before Profit Alliance TD, Richard Boyd Barrett, highlighted the plight of families facing imminent eviction from their rented homes at the hands of receivers appointed to manage properties owned by insolvent landlords.

The Press conference was addressed by Richard Boyd Barrett TD, Karl Deeter (Property expert) and by Wicklow residents, Rachael Kelly and Wayne Fitzgerald who face eviction at the hands of receivers Kavanagh-Fellen. Wayne and Rachael are the parents of three young children, one of whom (Rachael) has special needs, including a serious spinal and heart condition. Ten other families in the same estate also face eviction.

In the last two weeks, groups of tenants and individual families from a number of locations across the country, including Dublin, Dun Laoghaire, Wicklow, Sligo contacted Richard Boyd Barrett TD and other people Before Profit representatives appealing for help, as they face eviction and possible homelessness following the appointment of receivers to the property portfolios of insolvent landlords.

Deputy Boyd Barrett pointed out that these cases were not isolated but examples of a “looming crisis facing potentially thousands of families”. He noted that there were currently 240,000 buy-to-let properties with 40,000 of those in mortgage arrears. By January 2013 2250 rental properties have had rental receivers appointed.

The dire situation faced by the families is compounded by the chronic shortage of local authority housing and the impossibility of sourcing private rented accommodation against a background of spiralling rental prices and recent cuts in the rent allowance caps by Minster Joan Burton.

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Richard Boyd Barrett TD speaking in the Dail today (Wednesday 26th March 2014) on the issue of Minister Shatter and the recent controversy surrounding the Gardai said Minister for Justice Alan Shatter’s “arrogance is absolutely breathtaking”.

Richard Boyd Barrett TD, People Before Profit Alliance, speaking today (Wednesday 26th March 2014) in his statement on recent European Council Meeting raised the issue of the Russian-Ukraine Conflict and issue of housing and homelessness.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny is criticised by Richard Boyd Barrett TD, People Before Profit Alliance for government’s response to Russia-Ukraine Conflict.


Richard Boyd Barrett TD tackled the Taoiseach Enda Kenny over encouraging speculators to profit from Irish housing crisis in Dail during Questions to the Taoiseach today (Tuesday 25th March 2014)

housing meeting

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Taoiseach’s comments in New York promoting speculation in Irish property – a scandal

In a statement, Richard Boyd Barrett TD has denounced as “scandalous“ Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s comments in New York where he encouraged US investors to profit from the Dublin’s growing housing crisis.

Deputy Boyd Barrett who has repeatedly criticised the government’s housing policy over the last three years, said that the Taoiseach’s remarks were further evidence that the government were once again promoting the sort of profit driven speculation in property that crashed the entire economy.

Over the last year Deputy Boyd Barrett has sharply criticised REIT’s (Real Estate Investment Trusts) as “a dangerous return to the land of property based tax reliefs that led to the disastrous property bubble that collapsed the Irish economy”.

Deputy Boyd Barrett said the measure that could provide desperately needed social and affordable housing in Dublin and other urban centres was an emergency programme of council house building and the introduction of rent controls in the private rental sector.

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Benn: A rare example of a politician who put conviction and principle before careerism and personal ambition

Tony Benn on an antiwar protest in 1998In a statement, Richard Boyd Barrett TD, for the People Before Profit Alliance has described the death of veteran socialist politician Tony Benn as great loss for the cause of progressive politics and principled socialism.

Deputy Boyd Barrett, who met Tony Benn on a number of occasions at left-wing and anti-war events in Britain, described the veteran socialist as someone with an unstinting commitment to the causes of social justice, equality and peace.

Deputy Boyd Barrett said one Mr Benn’s greatest characteristics was his commitment to movements of people power, workers struggle and grass-roots campaigning, and his certainty that these activities were of far greater importance than his parliamentary activity.

Richard Boyd Barrett said: “Tony Benn’s death is a huge loss for the cause of progressive politics and the genuine left, both in Britain and internationally. He was that all too rare thing in conventional politics: a politician that put political principle and conviction ahead of careerism or personal ambition.”

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