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Richard Boyd Barrett TD speaking on the ‘bailout exit’, mortgage arrears and pylons on RTE’s Leaders Questions 28th November 2013

Richard Boyd Barrett TD, People Before Profit Alliance’s speech on Technical Group motion on Bond Payment, Tuesday 26th November 2013.


ballyhea says noOn Nov 26th & 27th the Technical Group, 16 independent individual TDs, are bringing a Private Member’s Bill before the Dáil demanding that the Government ask the ECB allow the Irish Central Bank destroy the €28.1bn in Promissory Note bonds which are about to be sold on to the markets, billions that will then be burned.


To ask the ECB to allow the Central Bank of Ireland destroy immediately the €25bn in sovereign bonds issued in February of this year in lieu of the remaining Promissory Notes, plus the €3.06bn bond also being held by Central Bank of Ireland, payment for the 2012 Promissory Note; also, to further ask that all interest payments currently being made on those bonds should end and that debt be cancelled in its entirety.

Join the protest at the Dáil on the evening of Nov 27th and listen to the live broadcast of the debate, which will take place from 7.30pm to 9pm, when the vote will be taken.

Richard Boyd Barrett TD spoke out against changes to single parent tax credit today (Tuesday 26th November 2013) in the Dail Finance Committee. Deputy Boyd Barrett submitted an amendment to the Bill which would see the removal of this section from the Bill.


rbb dailRichard Boyd Barrett TD, Finance spokesperson for the People Before Profit Alliance has expressed outrage that opposition TD’s have been denied the right to submit amendments to the government’s Dáil motion on the so-called “exit from the EU-IMF programme.”

Deputy Boyd Barrett asked in the Dáil today whether amendments to the government’s motion on the programme “exit” and was informed that he could not, as “the deadline had passed.”

However, Deputy Boyd Barrett pointed that opposition TD’s were notified of any deadline for submitting amendments. He also pointed out that the government’s motion was only submitted at 16.57 yesterday, whereas standing orders (SO 30) required that it be submitted four days before being taken in the Dáil. Under the same standing order, TD’s are then allowed two days to put forward amendments.

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loughlinstownIn a statement today, Richard Boyd Barrett TD of the People Before Profit Alliance (Dun Laoghaire) called on the people of south county Dublin and Wicklow to protest outside Loughlinstown Hospital on November 23rd at 2pm to stop the closure of the full time A&E at.

The HSE have confirmed today that as and from November 27th the A&E will be downgraded to a daytime Local Injuries Unit.

Loughlinstown Hospital A&E serves 160,000 people in South County Dublin and Wicklow and treats over 20,000 patients each year. Without a full A&E service in St Columcilles, patients will have to go to St. Vincent’s Hospital which is already unable to cope with demand.

The plan to cut this service is a result of the vicious cuts to the health service over the last number of years. Since 2008 €3 billion and 11,000 staff have been taken out of the service The closure of the Accident and Emergency Department will be met with protests over the coming weeks, the first commencing this Saturday 23rd November, 2pm at the hospital.

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loughlinstown hospital

While debt mountain remains austerity and external economic control by EU and market speculations will continue

rbb bailoutIn a statement following the government announcement in the dáil this morning that Ireland will be exiting the bail-out programme in December without a precautionary credit line, People Before Profit/ULA Finance spokesperson Richard Boyd Barrett said that this is just spin and mirage. The reality will not change as Ireland’s huge debt mountain will see external economic control and austerity continuing.

This follows Michael Noonan’s claims yesterday at the Finance committee that Ireland’s debt would not be raised at the upcoming ECOFIN meeting.

“Yet again, the government are trying to fool the people. While they are butchering the health service, and inflicting vicious cuts on the elderly, the sick and the young – they are trying to dupe the people into thinking that it is all worthwhile.”

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rbb finance cmteIn a statement, Richard Boyd Barrett, TD for the People Before Profit Alliance, questioned Finance Minister Michael Noonan at the Finance Committee this morning on the upcoming meeting with Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN).

Deputy Boyd Barrett challenged the Minister on Ireland’s debt interest payments which under the terms of the Fiscal treaty will commence as soon as the Troika programme ends, an issue the Minister indicated he will not be raising.

Deputy Boyd Barrett expressed disbelief and shock that such issues of vital interest to Ireland cannot be raised at the two-day meeting of European Finance ministers.

Richard Boyd Barrett TD said: “It is absolutely unbelievable that the Minister is so reluctant to raise one of the most pressing issues for this country, debt interest payments with his counterparts at European level. Why in a discussion on banking union can he not raise the issue of debt write-down”

“The mantra that we are exiting the bailout is nothing more than a mirage. What is really happening is that we are leaving one regime of austerity and entering another. As long as this debt, which the people have been unjustly burdened with, remains in place, the TROIKA will continue to control us.

Take for example Ireland’s debt repayments for Anglo-Irish Bank which will reach over €47.9 billion by 2031 if repayments are not suspended – that is 30% of our GDP. This debt remains even if it has been restructured.