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People Before Profit TD tells central bank Governor a financial time-bomb is ready to explode

rbb finance cmteSpeaking at the Oireachtas Finance Committee this afternoon People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett questioned Central Bank Governor Patrick Honohan on the growing mortgage arrears crisis.

Speaking at the committee Richard Boyd Barrett summarised what the banks said when they appeared before the committee; that they lent in good faith, if maybe a bit recklesslessly but that they have a right to get their money back despite the financial crash.

Richard Boyd Barrett said, “The mantra of the banks has been that they will engage with people if people are willing to engage.

The analysis of the problem that sees non-engagement as some sort of life-style choice fails to see that people are defaulting because they just don’t have the money to pay.

The high level of non-engagement is because huge numbers can’t afford to pay and sooner or later that fact will manifest itself and it will amount to massive hole in the banks.

The reality is that there is a financial time-bomb waiting to explode with disastrous consequences for the economy and ordinary people.

The banks are telling a fairy-table about the reality of the mortgage crisis. The trajectory they are following, that the current framework will lead us all out of the crisis is wildly optimistic.”

Richard Boyd Barrett TD, People Before Profit, speaking on motion on Education Cuts in Dail on Tuesday 24th September 2013.

Support the protest “Protect Primary Education”, 4.30pm, Oct 2nd, Department of Education & Science, Marlborough St, Dublin 1

PBPA TD also condemns government legislation to sell Bord Gais Energy as a “looting” of public resources to benefit banks and foreign multinationals

richardboydbarrettIn a statement, Richard Boyd Barrett TD, People Before Profit Alliance and member of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Finance, has said that the figures today published by the CSO “reveal that government and Troika austerity policies are continuing to crush the domestic economy, and that growth in the multinational sector is providing little benefit to the economy, as billions of profits and royalties are being sucked straight out of the county.”

“All the domestic economy indicators are negative – either stagnating or getting worse – while the only growth area is multinationals posting enormous profits which are then sucked straight out of the economy in the form of profits and royalties that are barely taxed or not taxed at all.”

The Deputy said “the CSO figures show clearly that while the home economy and our citizens are being beggared multinational profits are shooting up and we are getting no benefit from it whatsoever.”

Deputy Boyd Barrett said that, “given the obvious damage being done to economic growth in the domestic economy as a result of austerity policies, it is bordering on economic madness to suck another two and half to three billion out of the economy, as the government are planning to do in further cuts and austerity taxes, in the October budget.”

He said the government were trying to “lure people into a debate about whether the austerity measures in the forthcoming budget would be two and half billion or three billion, when the real issue is the need to rapidly abandon an austerity policy that was failing at every level, in favour of a policy focused on direct investment, job creation and social fairness.”

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Trade unions, civil society organisations and opposition groups call on public to join A People’s Assembly to demand alternatives to austerity

s18 confYesterday outside the Dáil, a range of trade unions, civil society groups and political organisations announced details for A People’s Assembly, that will take place on Wednesday September 18th at 6pm – the day Dáil reconvenes after the summer recess.

The People’s Assembly will be an alternative working ‘People’s Parliament’ running parallel to the opening evening of the new Dáil session, where groups, organisations and, crucially, members of the public, opposed to further austerity in the forthcoming budget, can put forward their proposals for alternative policies and campaigning actions.

Unlike previous anti-austerity demonstrations, a feature of the People’s Assembly will be that ordinary participants will get an opportunity to put forward ideas, speak and vote on alternative policies, and decisions will be made as to future actions.

sept 18 assembly - CopyStarting from September 18th, the assembly organisers hope the initiative will help to develop A People’s Charter of alternative policies to austerity and agree a plan for a campaign of people power running towards the upcoming budget and beyond. Organisers will also be suggesting the convening of similar ‘People’s Assemblies’ across the country over the coming weeks and months.

Buses and contingents from across the country will be travelling to Dublin to participate in the event.

A very wide range of trade union, civil society, political and campaign groups are supporting the People’s Assembly initiative. These include: Unite, Mandate, The Bakers Food & Allied Workers Union, People Before Profit Alliance, Sinn Fein, National Women’s Council of Ireland (NWCI), Single Parents Acting for Rights for Kids (SPARK), The Woodland League, Claiming Our Future, The Natural Resources Protection Alliance, Socialist Workers Party, Donegal Campaign Against Household and Water Tax, Donegal Action Against Austerity, West Cork Community Alliance, Anti-Racism Ireland. Anti-Deportation Ireland, Irish Anti War Movement, Cork Feminista, Action on X, Feminist Open Forum

Individuals supporting the People’s Assembly include: Richard Boyd Barrett TD, Aengus O’Snodaigh TD , Fr.Peter McVerry, John Halligan TD, Thomas Pringle TD, Catherine Murphy TD, Patrick Nulty TD, Maureen O’Sullivan TD, Tommy Broughan TD, Finian McGrath TD,

Jimmy Kelly, Unite Regional Secretary said: “The fundamental principle of democracy is consent – and working people have neither been consulted, nor given their consent, to the programme of relentless austerity being pursued by this Government and its predecessor. Democracy is not about populist reforms – such as abolishing the Seanad. Democracy demands the full participation of working people in the political institutions and workplaces up and down this country; it demands full transparency and accountability; it demands an end to the very idea of economic and state elites. Next Wednesday, when the Dail returns from its summer break, Unite will be joining the People’s Assembly outside Leinster House to say – enough is enough. It’s time for a change of direction. It’s time for democracy.”

Richard Boyd Barrett TD, People Before Profit Alliance and one of the event organisers said: “The People’s assembly is an attempt to bring together the wide range of disparate groups, organisations and communities that are suffering as a result of austerity or who are campaigning against into an effective new movement of people power demanding real alternatives. Huge numbers of people simply cannot take anymore and the next budget threatens to push them over the edge. We are urging people not to suffer in silence or fight alone any longer but to come together on September 18th and create an irresistible wave of people power to force a change in government policy.”

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