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The four Irish citizens arrested in Cairo must be released immediately and Irish Government must obviously do everything it can to assist their safe return to this country.

The Government should also make a strong statement condemning the vicous and barbaric repression and breaking off diplomatic relations with Egypt. They should also demand that the US end the massive military aid that they give to Egypt.

To say these things is not to support the the ideas or policies of President Morsi or the Muslim Brotherhood, which I disagree with, but to defend their basic democratic and human rights. It is also to understand that the repression of the Muslim Brotherhood is not a threat to them alone but threatens all the gains of the 2011 revolution and will affect workers, trade unionists, students and all dissidents.

What Egypt needs is not return to military rule and dictatorship, but genuine people’s democracy’

People Before Profit TD says left and independent TD’s should get their act together and create new left/anti-austerity political force

richardboydbarrettIn a statement responding to the latest Red C opinion poll on the standing of the political parties and independents, Richard Boyd Barrett TD for the People Before Profit Alliance, has called on left and independent TD’s to “get their act together” and “establish a new political force to challenge the current political establishment and the failed policies of austerity and bank bail-outs.”

Deputy Boyd Barrett said: “The 23% showing for independents shows the huge thirst that exists for a new political force that will challenge a discredited and failed political establishment.”

“There is no doubt that that this showing for independents is largely a left leaning popular sentiment fuelled by anger against bank bail-outs, the failed policy of austerity and bitter disillusionment with the Labour Party, in particular.”

“The onus is on the left independent, socialist and former Labour TD’s to get their act together and create a new campaigning left political force that will offer a real alternative for working people, the unemployed, those in mortgage distress and the vulnerable in our society.”

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Richard Boyd Barrett TD, People Before Profit Alliance discusses whether Ireland is a Tax Haven on TV3’s Tonight With Vincent Browne on Tuesday, July 23, 2013.