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In a statement and in Leaders questions this morning, Richard Boyd Barrett TD raised the increase in Invalidity pension refusals since the present government took office.

Deputy Boyd Barrett accused the Minister of engaging in the systematic refusals of disabled people with chronic illnesses their rightful entitlement to Invalidity Pensions.

Deputy Boyd Barrett also said the dramatic increase in refusals has led to an equally dramatic increase in the number of appeals and unacceptably long waiting times for those appeals and claimed the appeals office is totally over-run.

Minister Burton once again sought to blame Fianna Fáil but it is clear from information received in answer to a parliamentary question that the dramatic increase in refusals has occurred since Labour and Fine Gael have been in government.

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oil dublin bayEverything you need to know about the effects of drilling for oil and gas in Dublin bay.

Topics will include; environmental, fiscal and legal aspects.

Oil industry expert Padraig Cambell will speak on aspects of drilling.

Kingston Hotel, Dun Laoghaire

Sunday 3rd February, 1pm-5pm

We call on the Justice Minister David Ford to allow Marion Price compassionate release to join her family and attend the funeral of her sister Dolours Price.

Marian Price is already suffering from physical and mental health difficulties which has resulted in her detention in a hospital facility for the past number of months. Continuing to detain her in isolated custody to grieve alone as her sister is buried can only have a detrimental impact on her health.

We support the call of Marion’s lawyers who have asked Mr. Ford to consider allowing her to spend a week with her family to deal with her loss. The case for allowing her to grieve at her sister’s funeral will be shared even by people of profoundly different ideas and background.

We urge Mr Ford as an act of compassion to act urgently and release Marion Price in time for her sister’s funeral.


Richard Boyd Barrett TD

Joan Collins TD

Clare Daly TD

Thomas Pringle TD


rbb finance cmteSpeaking at the Finance committee today, Richard Boyd Barrett TD challenged the NTMA to admit that a return to the bond markets was not a cause for celebration – but a consequence of the Government and NTMA’s assurances to the markets that they were willing to impose any amount of austerity on Irish people to guarantee the profits of speculators.

Deputy Boyd Barrett said that the repudiation of its debt would be a far better option for Ireland as it would largely remove the need to depend on loans from the profit-hungry international financial markets.

Deputy Boyd Barrett also challenged the NTMA over what he said was NEW ERA’s gross undervaluation of Coillte’s assets in advance of the planned sale of Coillte’s harvesting rights this year.

Deputy Boyd Barrett said: “It’s assumed that going back to markets is a great thing, that getting back to the private markets is a wonderful aspiration for the state. I don’t see how anyone can pat themselves on the back for managing this because we’re managing a debt that is not ours and telling the markets that we are willing to impose any level austerity on the citizens of this country to ensure the bondholders make a profit.

Of course the markets are happy. They’re saying yippie! But their happiness is in direct proportion to the determination of the government to impose the full cost of a crisis caused by the speculators themselves onto the ordinary people of this country.”

“If we repudiated the enormous debt burden that has been unloaded on the backs of Irish citizens we would be in far better position than the current strategy of chasing after the “markets.” The balance that matters is our primary balance and our primary balance is not that bad, it’s actually manageable. The problem is that we are borrowing enormous amounts of money to pay back debts that are not ours and that is almost certainly unsustainable.

Wouldn’t it be a better option not to pay €9 billion interest this year and just deal with our primary deficit of €6 billion, which is entirely manageable.

In relation to Coillte, Deputy Boyd Barrett said: “New Era’s valuation of Coillte’s harvesting rights is believed to be €600 million, that amounts to €500 per acre for the €1.2 million acres of public forests.

You don’t need to be an expert to work out that this is a gross undervaluation of this vital natural resource. This amounts to a giveaway of one of our most important natural resources for a song.

It makes no financial sense to sell off Coillte for next to nothing when it could generate much needed revenue and much needed jobs.”

People Before Profit TD rubbishes Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s claims of transparency in Ireland’s Corporation tax regime, saying Ireland is in reality the Pirate of Europe

rbb seafrontRichard Boyd Barrett, People Before Profit TD & ULA Finance spokesperson said that Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s claim that Ireland’s tax regime is transparent across the spectrum is utter nonsense.

Speaking in response to the Taoiseach’s comments in Davos today, Richard Boyd Barrett said in his statement that while we have one of the lowest tax rates in Europe at 12.5%, the reality is that many super-profit-making corporations are paying half the headline tax rate in effective terms.

Far from being clear, it is a complete mystery how they are paying well below the headline rate.

Richard Boyd Barrett TD said,“It is utterly ridiculous for the Taoiseach to say that Ireland’s Corporation tax system is very clear and very transparent when it is a mystery how certain companies even avoid paying 12.5% tax”

“It smells like a major scam. All the evidence points to the fact that Ireland is a tax haven for multi-nationals and International Financiers”

“There needs to be intense scrutiny of how enormously profitable multi-nationals are getting away with paying so little. Corporations who made €61 billion in profits in this State have only paid 6.5 per cent effective tax rate. How is this possible?”

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Richard Boyd Barrett TD raises issue of youth suicide in the Dail Eireann during Leaders Questions today (Wed, 23rd January)