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Richard Boyd Barrett TD, People Before Profit/ United Left Alliance joins deputies from the Technical Group today for a photocall on the Technical Groups proposed Small Schools Bill Proposal – Education (Amendment) (Protection of Schools) Bill, 2012.

The Bill is due for debate next week and there is a protest at Leinster House at 6pm on Wednesday 4th July, called by the Save Our National Schools campaign.Please support.  Download poster below.


During Leaders Questions today, Richard Boyd Barrett TD raises questions around bondholder payments and European Summit. The Taoiseach in his reply affirms his belief in the importance of the country’s ‘reputation’ before bondholders. Such a repsonse implies that the courting of bondholders is more a priority than the provision of resources to children with special needs or rural small schools- both currently under threat.

People Before Profit Alliance flash mob protest at Ulster Bank College Green today

Tina MacVeigh People Before Profit representative in Dublin South Central said, “It is scandalous that one of the biggest banks in the country has not processed payments on client accounts for the past 48 hours. People have not recieved wages and social welfare payments and are also reporting that other payments registered to their accounts before the ‘technical difficulties’ have now disappeared. This is putting people under huge stress at a time when ordinary people have faced savage cuts to wages, services and jobs.

When we voted on the EU Fiscal Treaty we were assured that a Yes Vote would bring stability. However, when banks are allowed to conduct their affairs in the interest of their wealthy shareholders and go unregulated by the state, there is a collapse of prudence and responsibility in the financial sector.

It is the ordinary people, yet again, who pay the price.”

Richard Boyd Barrett, People Before Profit – ULA TD, speaking on nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation issues in the Dáil today, highlighted some of the obstacles which stand in the way of non-proliferation.

Deputy Boyd Barrett said that the hypocrisy of nuclear-capable states dictating to other states about their nuclear ambitions was a major obstacle to the development of a program which could effectively bring about the dismantlement of all nuclear weapons worldwide.

Moreover, he noted that in a time of economic recession it was all the more absurd for states to spend tax payers’ monies on armaments or give monies to states which have a nuclear weapons program. He was principally referring to the US’s annual endorsement of Israel’s military to the tune of $4 billion.

Richard Boyd Barrett said: “The idea that any state in the world which claims to be interested in democracy and peace could simultaneously pursue nuclear armament or promote it in any other state is appalling.”

“The madness of nuclear armament is even more starkly highlighted in the current economic climate that the world faces, where millions upon millions of people, even within the EU, are living in poverty and without sufficient public amenities. Some states claim to not have sufficient funding to alleviate poverty while happily spending money on arms.”

“Every effort must be made to prevent states that do not yet have nuclear weapons from developing them. However, any claim to be serious about preventing nuclear proliferation have little credibility as long as we fail to deal with the issue of double standards practiced by the main nuclear states: the US, Russia, China, Britain and France. All smaller states which have developed nuclear weapons have done so with aid, either explicit or tacit, from the main nuclear powers.”

“In the context of the Middle East, it is hypocritical and ineffectual to place demands on Iran that it not develop nuclear weapons if we do not place the same demands on Israel to dismantle the hundreds of nuclear warheads which it already possesses.”

Richard Boyd Barrett also highlighted the issue of nuclear waste disposal, which in the case of Israel’s secretive nuclear program, is thought to be disposed of in areas close to Gaza and Hebron: “Israel is suspected of burying nuclear waste from its Dimona research reactor at a location on the occupied West Bank, south of Hebron, where alarmingly high levels of radioactivity have been measured and where the population suffers from a variety of mysterious health problems and birth defects.”

“Israel is one of the few countries in the world which has not signed the Non Proliferation Treaty and yet it is Iran – a state which has signed that Treaty – which is persistently sanctioned and threatened with war over its purported nuclear ambitions.”

“Just last month, the US House of Representatives Defense Appropriations Subcommittee approved an additional $1 billion for Israel’s anti-missile defense programs. This brings the total US tax-payer annual subsidy to Israel to $4 billion – some of which is inevitably directed towards Israel’s nuclear program.”

“In Iran $117 per capita is spent on armaments while in Israel that figure is $2133 per capita. And yet it is Iran which is under scrutiny, and not Israel.”

Concluding, Boyd Barrett TD said: “Ireland’s credibility as a pioneer for nuclear disarmament is undermined by our continued support for military war planes using Shannon airport, and by our continued production in this country of weapon components and parts.”

Richard Boyd Barrett TD will be joined by a number of Social Housing applicants in Buswells Hotel at 11am this morning to talk about the housing crisis.

96,000 people are on the Social Housing list and the government’s new social housing policy means little or no social houses will be built this year.

The new Rent Allowance caps introduced in the last budget mean that housing applicants are being forced into homelessness or desperately overcrowded living conditions.

The Homeless Services are so overstretched that people can be reliant on emergency social housing for as long as 7 years.

At the press conference Nicola Lapraku will speak out about how the new Rent Allowance Caps mean that she faces eviction in the coming weeks. Other applicants will tell their stories.

For confirmation: Cllr Melisa Halpin 086 3805793