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Richard Boyd Barrett TD urges everyone to come to the Dail Budget night to protest against austerity.

Over 2,500 people take to the streets against austerity on Saturday in Dublin. The United Left Alliance had a lively contingent on the march, which included teachers from the INTO, TUI, ASTI and workers from UNITE, Impact, CPSU and other trade unions.

Speaking on the day, Richard Boyd Barrett TD for People Before Profit-United Left Alliance said, “We are calling on workers, the unemployed, pensioners, students and others unfairly targeted with EU-IMF directed austerity- who took to the streets this weekend, in advance of the budget, to tell the government and the troika that people cannot take any more of this brutally unfair and economically stupid austerity.

We believe we need people power to resist the agenda where working people and vulnerable sectors of society are being forced to pay for the criminal greed and gambling of banks, speculators and wealthy elites.

It is absolutely outrageous that in the forthcoming budget, the government are now contemplating cuts in child benefit, rent allowance, prescription and medical card charges, a household tax, further education cuts and fees, or VAT increases. These measures will impose untold suffering on hundreds of thousands of working people, the unemployed and the poor, when they are already near breaking point.

This sort of austerity has to stop, not just because of the terrible misery and unfairness it is imposing on huge numbers of citizens but also because it simply is not working – it is making the crisis in this country and across Europe. After two and half years of austerity, the evidence is clear, both here and across Europe, these policies are worsening the crisis and threatening to turn a recession into an all-out slump. So we are calling on the public to follow the example of people in Greece, Spain, Italy and even the US, and to resist this brutal and misguided policy of cuts and austerity.”

The march organised by the Dublin Council of Trade Unions, marched to the GPO and was addressed by workers from the community sector, cleaning workers and more. The speeches were followed by an assembly hosted by the Alliance Against Austerity.

Monday, 21st November, 5pm

Egyptian Embassy, Clyde Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

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Keep up to date with situation in Egypt here:!/3arabawy

Richard Boyd Barrett on Sunday Supplement on Today FM with Labour TD Aodhan O’Riordain TD discussing the upcoming budget.

Join the DCTU “March Against Austerity” followed by the People’s Assembly called by the Alliance Against Austerity.

Press Release 9th November

People Before Profit/ULA TD expresses outrage at illegal detention and abuse of 14 Irish citizens by Israel which include PBPA Cllr. Hugh Lewis

Richard Boyd Barrett TD today publicly calls for the immediate release of 14 Irish citizens which include Cllr. Hugh Lewis of People Before Profit/ULA (PBP/ULA) and demands that the government and Minister of Foreign Affairs immediately make a statement condemning Israeli actions and demanding the immediate release of the prisoners. Contrary to the reports in the media there is no concrete information about when detainees will return and families are extremely worried. We have had reports that the boarding of the MV Tahrir and MV Saoirse was not peaceful but very violent. There were three warships, four Zodiacs, four water cannon boats and four regular gunboats. They nearly sank the boats and aggressively water-hosed passengers down stairs. This was an act of piracy in international waters where Israel has no legal jurisdiction. In the very limited communication we have had from the prisoners we have heard of abusive treatment, on-going full body searches, shackling of prisoners and a refusal to allow proper communication with Irish and officials and family. The prisoners are refusing to sign the deportation orders because what they are being asked to sign is a lie. By signing they would be saying they had entered Israel illegally. They did not enter Israel. They were forcibly and violently taken from International waters and brought to Israel by the Israeli military.

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In a statement, Richard Boyd Barrett TD for the People Before Profit Alliance has responded to reports on the content of the government’s medium term economic review, published today, which is proposing a further 3.8 billion of austerity cuts and taxes in the forthcoming budget. Deputy Boyd Barrett roundly condemned the government’s plans for a further €3.8 billion in austerity cuts describing them as the “economics of the madhouse,” which he said would “further cripple Ireland’s already devastated economy and inflict immense suffering on working people, the poor and the vulnerable.”

Deputy Boyd Barrett also condemned the demonisation and bullying of Greece by the EU and much of the media, saying it was “theatrics and dishonest spin designed to deflect away from the fundamental fact of the Eurozone crisis, which is that EU-IMF austerity is crushing growth in Europe and propelling the continents economy towards recession.” Deputy Boyd Barrett said: “The government’s plan in their pre-budget economic review is quite simply the economics of the madhouse. Sucking a further 3.8 billion out of an already devastated economy can have no other effect than to cripple economic growth and inflict terrible suffering on working people, the poor and the vulnerable. Growth forecasts for the Eurozone are being slashed by all serious analysts and with them growth prospects for Ireland. The latest down-grading of Ireland’s growth prospects came today from the Irish Exporters Association who have cut their forecasts for Irish exports because of the slow-down in the European economy. The government’s delusionary hope of an export-led recovery is rapidly going up in smoke. Against the background of the European economy grinding to a halt, the bullying and demonisation of the Greek people by EU leaders and much of the media is an absolute disgrace. It is a cynical attempt to deflect away from the fundamental fact that EU-IMF austerity policies are fast propelling the European economy towards a continent-wide recession.

The Greek people who have been out on the streets deserve praise for having the intelligence and courage to oppose this economic madness. We have fools and knaves running the EU and they are propelling us down a path of economic and social disaster. The pretence that the EU is a democratic project has been thoroughly exposed in the last few days. The EU is nothing but a façade to mask the dictatorship of the financial markets and corporate elites. If we are not be entirely crushed by this crazed and brutal austerity, we need get out on the streets in the weeks before this budget and make it clear to the government and the EU-IMF bullies that we are not willing to take any more of this madness.”

Cllr Melisa Halpin of the People Before Profit Alliance (PBPA), a colleague of Richard Boyd Barrett TD in Dun Laoghaire will put forward a motion at tonight’s meeting of the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Co Council Transport Area Committee calling on the Manager to re-instate a single pay parking zone for Dun Laoghaire town and its residents.

Cllr Halpin’s motion seeks to reverse the recent decision of the Council and the Manager to create several very small parking zones for Dun Laoghaire, where previously there was only one.

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Councillor Hugh Lewis participates in latest attempt to break the siege of Gaza

Following a call for international solidarity from 46 civil society organisations in Gaza, which include Teachers Associations, the Public Service Workers Union, the Health Service Workers Union, youth groups and rehabilitation centres, the Irish ship MV Saoirse and a Canadian ship MV Tahrir have set sail as part of an initiative called Freedom Waves to once more break the siege of Gaza.

The situation in Gaza is worsening. The humanitarian crisis is escalating daily with the continuing siege by the Israelis. As of 1 January 2012, approximately 600,000 refugees will not receive their three month food ration from the UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) because as a result of the siege most people are dependent on aid relief from the UN agency.

The Freedom Flotilla which had attempted to sail in June was prevented from sailing from Greece by Israeli pressure. The Irish ship, the MV Saoirse, was sabotaged while docked in Turkey at the time but has since been repaired.

The boats, two civilian vessels, carrying 27 passengers from seven countries, are currently in international waters en route to Gaza.

People Before Profit Councillor Hugh Lewis (Ballybrack) is participating in this humanitarian and solidarity mission with Socialist Party MEP Paul Murphy, Sinn Fein representatives and others from civil society.

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Souped up Euro bail-out will achieve nothing while austerity and privatisation continue

Greek popular resistance forces write-down while Kenny humiliated

In a statement, Richard Boyd Barrett, People Before Profit-ULA TD, said the trillion euro, souped up bank bail-out will do nothing to solve the economic crisis while EU leaders remain committed to forcing further austerity and privatisation onto member states and while the financial system remains in private hands.

Richard Boyd Barrett also stated that the only achievement of the summit , the 50% write-down of Greek debt and forcing the burden on to European banks was the direct result and achievement of Greek popular resistance not European leaders.

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