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Richard Boyd Barrett’s speech last night (Wed, 25th Oct)in the Dail during a debate on the Health Service is reproduced below.

The debate was on the back of a motion put forward by the United Left Alliance (see HERE).

Richard Boyd Barrett: “As with so many issues before the election, Fine Gael and the Labour Party were full of fine words, noble sentiments and not a few specific promises when it came to the protection of our health services, accident and emergency services and hospitals in general. The Fine Gael pre-election document spoke about having the most ambitious plan for the health service since the establishment of the State. Fine Gael was going to increase access and make the system much fairer, dismantle the dysfunctional HSE, created by Deputy Micheál Martin, and end the efforts of Fianna Fáil and the former Minister and Deputy, Mary Harney, to privatise the health system by favouring private over public care.” Continue reading

United Left Alliance Motion on Health Services 25 oct 2011

“That Dáil Éireann notes:

— the ‘FairCare’ health reform plan of the Minister for Health, James Reilly T.D., is in chaos as a result of health cuts and that as a result there is a spiralling crisis in health service delivery and accident and emergency (A&E) services across the country; Continue reading

We need to build a significant movement between now & budget day before further austerity brings our economy to a standstill

In a statement today, Richard Boyd Barrett, TD for the People Before Profit Alliance, said that it was pathetic for our government to take pride in the Troika findings presented today. Deputy Boyd Barrett said that austerity was crippling the prospects for economic growth both in Ireland and across Europe and that for the government to take pride in imposing more of it is insane. He urged the public to resist the austerity agenda in the run into to the forthcoming budget and stand up to the policy of economic and social doom planned behind closed doors.

Boyd Barrett said: “The Eurozone’s star pupil has received its report card from the Troika headmasters, with a little pat on the head. But the Troika is no benign headmaster – the Troika is a vulture that has its eye on Ireland’s assets and resources and wants to ram privatisation down our throats.” He continued: “We have apparently passed with flying colours and we are told that our tax revenues are ahead of schedule. It’s absurd that the establishment is placing a positive spin on a process of austerity that has so obviously failed across Europe. It really is pathetic.”

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