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In a statement, Richard Boyd Barrett TD for the People Before Profit Alliance and convenor of the ‘Enough’ campaign said a protest took place at 10am outside the EGM of Allied Irish Banks Headquarters in Ballsbridge, where shareholders met to decide on a plan to inject €5 billion from the National pension Reserve Fund into the crisis-ridden bank. Deputy Boyd Barrett, along with Cllr Brid Smith of the People Before Profit Alliance, attended the EGM as proxies for a dissident shareholder to highlight outrage at the plan to raid the NPR to prop-up (re-capitalise) the bank, as demanded by the EU-IMF programme for Ireland. In the statement, Deputy Boyd Barrett said that while the Government and EU-IMF plan for AIB was an obviously outrageous theft of public funds to cover the gambling losses of AIB and its bondholders, the so called “good news story” about private sector investment in Bank of Ireland was equally outrageous.

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Around 1,000 people took part in the Enough Campaign‘s protest against EU/IMF austerity programme.

The Campaign is supported by People Before Profit Alliance TD’s Richard Boyd Barrett and Joan Collins, Unite Trade Union, Waterford Trades Council, Spectacle of Defiance, Socialist Workers Party, People’s Movement, Afri and a number of Independent TDs. Speakers on the day included Special Needs parents, bus cuts campaigners, trade unionists, community activists, representative of Rachel Peavoy Campaign and more.

Richard Boyd Barrett TD addresses the crowd

People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett, an organiser of the march, said the campaign was about mobilising mass opposition to the austerity programme and bringing the spirit of Greek, Spanish and Egyptian-style resistance to Ireland. “This day, it’s not just going to be about speeches – we have had too much of that stuff where it is a few speeches and everybody goes home and that’s the end of it,” he told protesters. “This has to be the beginning of building a movement.” Richard Boyd Barrett encouraged those in attendance to rally support for what he hope will be a much larger demonstration on September 14th, when the Dáil resumes after summer recess.

Adrienne Murphy Enough March 16th July from Nigel Hanlon on Vimeo.

The new government’s housing regulations mean that thousands of people are never going to get a home that they can call their own. In Dun Laoghaire there are currently over 4000 people on the housing waiting list. Council Management have confirmed that they will build NO houses at all this year; they will only lease new properties. What does this new scheme mean for you? If you are on RAS: You will be removed from the housing list. This is an absolute disgrace. Most of you went in to RAS on the understanding that this was just a stop gap and that you would eventually get a house of your own. Now you could be in rented accommodation, at the whim of a landlord, for the rest of your life. Come to the meeting on July 14th, 8pm, The Graduate to hear more.

Futher information: Cllr Melisa Halpin 086 3805793;Cllr Hugh Lewis 086 7814523

Download the leaflet for the meeting here: Housing Meeting Leaflet July 2011

Download a leaflet for the protest here: Bus Cuts Protest

A march and rally took take place on Saturday July 9th at 2pm to oppose the planned closure of the 24 A&E service at St Colmcilles Hospital in Loughlinstown. Richard Boyd Barrett TD, People Before Profit Alliance, one of the organisers of the protest, has called for a major campaign of people power to resist the down-grading of A&E and other services at Loughlinstown Hospital. He said today’s protest at several large public meetings that have been held in the area, opposing the down-grading of services at the hospital, must only be the beginning of a sustained campaign to defend the 24 A&E service and he called for the campaign to link up with other communities across the country fighting to defend their A&E services. He also urged protesters to join the national demonstration on Saturday July 16th in Dublin against the EU-IMF austerity programme, which he says lies behind the moves to close down A&E services at smaller local hospitals around the country. Continue reading

Richard Boyd Barrett TD address the meeting

Joan Collins TD & Thomas Pringle TD address meeting

At a press conference today in Dublin organised by the Enough campaign – a campaign established earlier this year to oppose the EU-IMF austerity programme – public representatives, trade unionists, special needs and debt campaigners and others launched a series of protests, meetings and events that will take place during the visit of the EU-IMF delegation between today (July 6th) and July 16th. The Enough campaign is calling for a cancellation of the EU-IMF deal and a repudiation of the debts of the private banking debts that have been imposed on the Irish people. The campaign is calling on the Irish public and all those facing austerity attacks or who have been affected by the austerity policies resulting from the bail-out of the banks to take to the streets as the Greek, Egyptian and Spainish people have in recent weeks. In attendance at the press conference were: Richard Boyd Barrett TD, Joan Collins TD, Thomas Pringle TD, Jimmy Kelly (Regional Secretary, Unite), Andy Storey (AfrI), Adrienne Murphy (Special Needs Parent & Campaigner) & special guest speaker from Greece Cllr. Giannis Koutras. Continue reading