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Special Needs July13th Protest

In a statement, Richard Boyd Barrett TD has expressed utter shock at the Coalition government’s new Social Housing policy, which he said “will effectively do away with Council housing as we know it and will see tens of thousands of housing applicants across the country removed from Council lists.”

Under the new policy local authorities will build NO social housing for the foreseeable future and virtually all those currently in private rented accommodation and in receipt of rent allowance will be deemed to be adequately housed and disqualified from Council housing lists. Continue reading

Speaking in the Dail today during a debate on the forthcoming European Council meeting, Richard Boyd Barrett TD for the People Before Profit Alliance, challenged the Taoiseach to tell his European counter-parts that the EU-IMF austerity programme was inflicting immense suffering on the most vulnerable and least well-off sectors of Irish society and robbing the country of the means necessary to stimulate growth and create jobs. Deputy Boyd Barrett asked the Taoiseach to tell his European counter-parts that vulnerable and less well-off sectors of Irish society that were protesting against cuts to their services, supports and incomes were entirely justified in doing so, and were unable to understand why they were being asked to pay-off the private gambling debts of bankers and speculators. Deputy Boyd Barrett referred to plans for protests currently being organised for the visit of the EU-IMF delegation to Ireland in July (Saturday July 16th) and asked the Taoiseach to tell his European colleagues that those who would be protesting were entirely justified in doing so. Continue reading

In a statement today, June 22nd, Richard Boyd Barrett, TD announced the start of a campaign to maintain the 24 hour A&E at St Colmcille’s Hospital, Loughlinstown. A packed and angry meeting in Killiney, last night, heard workers from the hospital, local residents and health professionals express outrage at the idea that the emergency service in Loughlinstown might be curtailed. The meeting agreed to launch its campaign with a protest at 12.30 on Thursday at the Hospital where it will announce a major protest on Sat 9 July that will march from St Annes Church in Shankill to the hospital. The campaign has also agreed to take up a petition to James Reilly and to lobby local TD’s until they get confirmation that the hospital services will remain. Continue reading

The Irish Anti War Movement supports the Irish Ship to Gaza which sails as part of the Freedom Flotilla II next week to the Port of Gaza in an attempt to break the naval blockade imposed by Israel. The IAWM says;

· Allow the Freedom Flotilla II unhindered access to the Port of Gaza

· Calls a demonstration in conjunction with the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign on June 28th in solidarity with the Irish Ship and the Freedom Flotilla

· Speakers include; Mick Wallace TD, Jimmy Kelly, Unite, Richard Boyd Barrett TD and others

· Calls on Eamon Gilmore, Minister of Foreign Affairs to seek safe passage of the Freedom Flotilla and the MV Saoirse with its 25 Irish Passengers. The Irish Ship to Gaza is part of an eleven vessel Flotilla comprised of ships from US, Canada, France, Italy and elsewhere. Hundreds of concerned citizens from all over the world, supported by hundreds of thousands of small donations from ordinary people will take part in the Freedom Flotilla in late June. Continue reading


Richard Boyd Barrett TD, during Taoiseach’s Questions in the Dail today will be stating the government should not be warning against a Greek contagion but should be looking to the example of the Greek protests which are forcing the Government in Greece to negotiate a deal that does not let the bondholders off the hook

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