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RTE’s Week in Politics discusses on the first one hundred days of Enda Kenny’s office & the EU/IMF deal. Guests on tonight’s show included Richard Boyd Barrett TD (People Before Profit/ULA), Joan Burton TD (Lab) & Billy Kelleher TD (FF).

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“When I heard we would be celebrating our EU membership with a special sitting of the Dáil, I thought it was a sick joke. It just beggars belief that when this country is being crucified by an EU-IMF deal, the Government thinks we should celebrate our membership of the EU. It is beyond pathetic – the sick joke of a bankrupt Government. The EU-IMF programme is a plan to inflict untold misery on working people and the most vulnerable in our society to pay off the gambling debts of bankers and speculators. It is a demand to attack the lowest paid workers, those with special needs and the unemployed, to force our people to work longer and harder for less, and to strip the country of its vital assets. The idea that the Fine Gael-Labour Party Government thinks we should celebrate this is unbelievable. What planet is it on? Every sane economist, from left or right, says this deal will ruin Ireland. Even the Government, which has done such an unbelievable U-turn on its promises to renegotiate the deal, has admitted in recent weeks that we are in a straitjacket. The truth is that it is not a straitjacket, nor is it a bailout; it is a burial of Irish society under the terms of the deal. If this gathering were truly to reflect our current relationship with the European Union, Jean-Claude Trichet of the ECB would be sitting in the Taoiseach’s seat, flanked by the heads of the Bundesbank and the other big European banks, and all the public representatives in this Chamber would be bound and gagged. If we want real European solidarity, we should not be celebrating what the EU is doing to us but emulating the Arab people, who are having their spring and resisting injustice and dictatorship in the Arab world. We need a European spring and an Irish spring to resist the dictatorship of the financial markets, which are seeking to crush the Irish people and our society, along with those of Portugal, Greece and elsewhere, in the name of saving bankers and bondholders.”

In a statement, People Before Profit Alliance TD, Richard Boyd Barrett has described the special sitting of the Dail (Monday May 9th) to celebrate Ireland’s membership of the EU as “the sick joke of an already bankrupt government” in the context of an EU-IMF deal which was inflicting brutal and economically crippling austerity on Ireland, in order to pay-off the gambling debts of European bankers and speculators.
Deputy Boyd Barrett attended a protest outside the Dail prior to the special Dail sitting and will over the coming weeks be involved in a sustained effort to build a mass campaign of opposition to the EU-IMF deal as part of the recently established “Enough” campaign.
The ‘Enough’ campaign was established at a recently held public meeting in Dublin, organised by Deputy Boyd Barrett, attended by almost 500 people, and addressed by an Icelandic MP involved in the referendum campaigns against the bank-bail-outs in that country.
A follow-up meeting of the ‘Enough’ campaign was held yesterday in Dublin where activists agreed plans for a sustained national campaign of opposition to the EU-IMF deal and the austerity measures contained within it.
The campaign has agreed to continue a nationwide push to demand a referendum on the EU-IMF deal as well as an intensive effort to mobilise mass public resistance to some of the key planks of the austerity programme including campaigns on: unemployment, special needs and education cuts, public transport cuts, plans to sell-off state assets, any attacks on low-paid workers under the review of JLC’s and REA’s, and social welfare cuts.
The campaign plans further public meetings in cities and towns across the country in the coming weeks and a major demonstration in mid-July during the next quarterly review of the EU-IMF package. Further demonstrations are planned in the autumn in the approach to the new coalition government’s first full budget.
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