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Richard Boyd Barrett TD with fellow People Before Profit TD Joan Collins

Richard Boyd Barrett has been elected as TD for  People Before Profit/ United Left Alliance in Dun Laoghaire.  He was elected on the eleventh count on a total of 10,794 votes.

I would like to sincerely thank all those who voted for People Before Profit & supported our  campaign.

A campaign was launched on the 16th February by Richard Boyd Barrett,People Before Profit, fisherman Pat O’Donnell of Rossport & the film ‘The Pipe’, SOS campaigners & others in Dun Laoghaire harbour at viewing point overlooking Carlisle Pier, on Queen road.

Richard Boyd Barrett with Pat O'Donnell & Nicola Curry

A recent packed Save Our Seafront (SOS) meeting in Dun Laoghaire people decided to to fight the threatened privatisation of Dun Laoghaire harbour as well as continuing the campaign for the restoration of the Baths.

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Richard Boyd Barrett, Pat O'Donnell & S.O.S. Campaigners

Last night was a memorable occasion for campaigners, canvassers and supporters with the legendary Christy Moore playing a sold out gig in support of Richard Boyd Barrett’s election campaign in Dun Laoghaire.

Richard Boyd Barrett & Christy Moore (Photo: Gerry Balfe Smyth)

In the Kingston Hotel, overlooking Dun Laoghaire harbour, songs such as Viva La Quinte Brigada and Nancy Spain written by Barney Rush from Sallynoggin, were enthusiastically received by the audience. Christy was joined on stage for a songs by singer Larry Beau and Brid Smith, People Before Profit Councillor in Dublin City Council. There was also a performance from poet Dave Lordan. In the statement yesterday Richard Boyd Boyd Barrett said ” I am thrilled that Christy has performed in support of our campaign here in Dun Laoghaire. We’ve campaigned together on a number of issues, local and national, over the years and I’m delighted he has thrown his weight in behind our efforts to win a dail seat”.

People Before Profit, which is part of the United Left Alliance, launched its energy and natural resources policy document yesterday morning calling for Ireland’s oil and gas resources to be returned to public ownership. Speaking at the launch, Cllr. Richard Boyd Barrett, People Before Profit and United Left Alliance candidate for Dun Laoghaire commented; “Serious questions need to be asked about what Fine Gael and Labour intentions are over the development and sale of our natural resources. We are calling on the incoming government to return Ireland’s oil and gas resources to public ownership. “The great fire sale of our oil and gas reserves off the West Coast is a vision of things to come. The EU/IMF bail out and the state’s financial crisis are being cynically used by to justify stripping this country of its assets and resources. Just this week we have seen how the people of Greece were being instructed by the EU and the IMF to sell off their beaches and lease their national monuments to private corporations. “Our natural resources are more important than ever, especially given the extent of the economic crisis. Instead of being sold off to the highest bidder they should be invested and developed for the benefit of the people of this country not multinational corporations like Shell who have destroyed communities.”

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Watch the debate programme and debate here by clicking on image above

In a statement the People Before Profit Alliance has announced that legendary singer Christy Moore will play a concert in the Kingston Hotel, Dun Laoghaire on February 17. People Before Profit, in the statement, said that Christy’s offer to do the concert will be a big boost for Richard Boyd Barrett‘s campaign to win a Dail seat in Dun Laoghaire and a boost for the efforts of The United Left Alliance to offer a real alternative in the forthcoming election. In the statement Richard Boyd Boyd Barrett said ” I am thrilled that Christy has offered to perform in support of our campaign here in Dun Laoghaire. We’ve campaigned together on a number of issues, local and national, over the years and I’m delighted he has thrown his weight in behind our efforts to win a Dail seat”. The campaign has been getting tremendous support in Dun Laoghaire and it is evident from the experience on the doorsteps that there is a real thirst for a new kind of politics that puts people before the interests of bankers and the super-wealthy elite and that sees people power as the way to bring real change. We’ve seen this at local level through campaigns such as Save Our Seafront, the idea that people power is the way to bring forward fundamental changes in society. Richard said “We want to bring that to the national stage and it is clear that this is resonating around the country. I am very grateful to Christy for his support and to the many people of Dun laoghaire for giving their time and energy to the campaign”.

A campaign was be launched today with Richard Boyd Barrett, fisherman Pat O’Donnell of Rossport and the film ‘The Pipe’, SOS campaigners & others in Dun Laoghaire harbour at viewing point overlooking carlisle pier, on Queen road. At a packed Save Our Seafront (SOS) meeting in Dun Laoghaire last night people decided to to fight the threatened privatisation of Dun Laoghaire harbour aswell as continuing the campaign for the restoration of the Baths. As part of negotiating an emergency deal with the IMF last December Brian Cowen agreed to review our natural energy sector “with a view to setting appropriate targets for the possible privatization of state-owned assets.” (Reuters, Dec 1). This is laid out in a memorandum of understanding as part of the deal. Companies such as Stena have made their interest in buying the harbour clear to both the Harbour Company and the Government. Compulsory redundancies were recently imposed on five harbour policemen and the Dun Laoghaire Harbour Company has demanded swinging pay cuts and changes in working conditions for other harbour staff in what appears to be a major pre-privatisation rationalisation drive. The cuts were justifed by the Harbour Company on the grounds that the Company claims it is facing major financial difficulties. Cllr Richard Boyd Barrett, Chairperson of the Campaign, said “Key public assets such as the Habour must remain in public ownership and should be used for the benefit of all. Any development should respect the character of the harbour and create meaningful employment. The fact that Stena have indicated an interest in buying the port and that at the same time has removed the HSS producing a financial crisis for the harbour company is a very worrying sign that moves are afoot to privatise the harbour. This taken alongside the IMF deal recommending the possible sale of state assets gives very strong reason for concern. We need to integrate the demands of traditional harbour users into the agenda, defend the rights of fishermen and protect jobs such as the harbour police. There have been five compulsory redundancies recvently imposed on the harbour police as well as demands for swinging paycuts for the remaining workers while the CEO of the Harbour board who earns €230, 000 and other executives recieve in the region of €130,000 each. the loss of a number of harbour policemen means there is no longer adequate policing to maintain public safety in the harbour. The harbour comapny has also indicated the possibility of residential development in the harbour. This is completely unacceptable as it would effectively make parts of the harbour exclusive to those who could afford the premium prices such a location would command. It also emerged at the meeting that Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council have applied for planning permission for a permanent barge to be located just off the East Pier. This barge, which has already been viewed by the council in Holland, will include a bar, swimming pool and sauna. Residents are conerned that if this barge has a pool, the plan for an adult pool in at the Dun Laoghaire Baths might be abandoned. Other issues which emerged were plans for a gaming complex to be built on the harbour concourse, like the one in Stillorgan and a car park on the seafront. While parking is a major issue in Dun Laoghaiire an underground solution rather than in an existing public amenity was proposed. Concern was also raised over the moving of the entrance to the People’s Park and all in attendance were unanimously against this proposal. The meeting decided to make the protection of the harbour as an election issue and will be asking for a pledge from all candidates in the constituency asking for the retention of the harbour as a public amentity. For info/comment Richard Boyd Barrett 086 814520 or Sara O’Rourke 0872886646

PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT puts SECTION 140 Motion calling on County Manager to reverse parking restrictions in Dun Laoghaire. In a statement, Cllr Richard Boyd Barrett said “the decision by councillors to impose these new parking restrictions without consultation shows real contempt for local democracy. This will do real damage to small businesses when Dun Laoghaire is already on its knees”.

At the November meeting Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council voted to change parking regulations and restrict the use of residential parking permits to select zones. Up to then 1650 permit holders could park in the town as they had already paid for their parking permits. This decision to restrict parking was made without consultation with the residents or business people in the area. “This current parking policy has become a revenue raising exercise with little regard for it’s impact on the people of Dun Laoghaire or the local shops and businesses. These parking charges are just too high and restrictive”. “The people of Dun Laoghaire are dependent on cars because of the failure to provide a decent public transport system so parking policy needs to be revised to reflect the interests of residents, and paying jobs and sustain local businesses”. As a first step, Cllr Richard Boyd Barrett of People Before Profit is moving a section 140 motion at the February council meeting (14th) instructing the county manager not to implement the new measures. This will allow time for consultation and a revised parking plan to be developed. Only 8 councillors supported the resolution to consult residents and businesses last November. All the other councillors present from the three main parties voted against consultation.