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Management of Iarnród Éireann are planning to close the ticket offices ina number of Dart stations across the county. These cuts to services are partof a widespread attack on the very principle of public transport, puttingcommercial interests ahead of providing services to those who need them, especially those with disabilities, the elderly etc..  People Before Profit believePublic transport should for the good of the public and not profit oriented.Richard Boyd Barrett TD will be addressing the Minister on this issue on Wednesday 22nd.

Join the campaign to keep our DART stations staffed.

PUBLIC RALLY Friday 10th March @ 7.45 ampbp-dl-leaflet-save-our-dart-station-staff-public-rally-a5-colour-page001


 Sandycove & Glasthule DART station

Our Dart stations are under attack, management of Iarnród Éireann are planning to close the ticket offices in a number of Dart stations in the locality to ‘manage resources’ and improve their ‘business needs’. This discriminates against passengers needing assistance and compromises the safety of all passengers. People Before Profit believe Public transport should for the good of the public and not profit oriented. The stations on the DART line and mostimportantly the staff are part of the oldest suburban railway line in the world and have been avital part of our communities for almost 200 years.

Join the campaign to keep our DART stations staffed.

pbp-dl-leaflet-save-our-dart-station-staff-a5-colour-updated-page001PUBLIC MEETING
Save Our Dart Station Staff
‘Use People Not Machines’
Monday 20th February @ 8 pm
The Royal Marine Hotel, Dún Laoghaire
Speakers include; Richard Boyd Barrett TD

Dart stations are under attack, management of Iarnród Éireann are planning to close the ticket offices in a number of Dart stations in the locality compromising the health and safety of passengers and making it more difficult for passengers needing assistance to travel with ease. Join the campaign to keep our Dart stations manned.

The cull is starting with Lansdowne Road and Grand Canal Dock but spreading to the Dún Laoghaire Area from March, most likely staring with Glasthule and Seapoint stations.
The implications of this go far beyond having a friendly face in your local station; passengers needing assistance will be subject to notice periods in order to use the Dart, discriminating against the most vulnerable in our society. This is unacceptable given that a member of Iarnród Éireann management recently told PBP Councillor Melisa Halpin in a meeting about accessibility that measures are being planned to make travel easier for passengers needing assistance. Removing staff from stations contradicts this statement exposing it as empty rhetoric.
The health and safety of its passengers should be of the highest priority for the company, it is not possible to maintain a safe environment at all times in a staff-less station; Save Our Dart Stations, Use people not machines
People Before Profit Says;
• Keep our Dart Stations Staffed
• Boycott the machines, buy your ticket from the office
• Demand Iarnród Éireann provides a service to passengers needing assistance WITHOUT notice periods
• Health and Safety of Passengers should be paramount

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Sickening news this morning that homeless figures have increased yet again to over 7000 (including 2500 children). When I raised it with the Minister – all we get is the same old platitudes which will mean the next figures will be another increase! We need the 50,000 empty homes in cities across Ireland to be taken over by the councils immediately, we need this government to stop relying on the private landlords to deliver social housing and we need an emergency programme to build council houses. In Dun Laoghaire last year there were only 54 actual council houses with permanent tenancies were built and meanwhile over 500 new applications were received by the council. This madness has to stop.

“>Richard Boyd Barrett shows new evidence in Stardust cover-up in Dail

Presenting the evidence in the Dail , brought forward by the Stardust families, which has been ignored and covered-up by successive governments, that the official explanation of the Stardust fire was a lie, and that the state knew this and worked to prevent a new investigation into the evidence over many years and continues to do so.


harbourPeople Before Profit TD and Chair of Save Our Seafront, Richard Boyd Barrett, will be speaking at a public meeting in Dun Laoghaire tonight calling for a campaign to ensure the Harbour transfers into full public ownership and the abandonment of the “crazy cruise berth and private apartment plan”.
In advance of An Bord Pleanala’s decision with regards to the Cruise Berth the meeting will also discuss an alternative to the Harbour Company’s plans, including a Diaspora Centre and a National Water Sports Centre.
Richard Boyd Barrett said: “The overwhelming majority of the submissions to An Bord Pleanala were against the Berth for giant Cruise Ships and last spring Cllr Melisa Halpin succeeded in passing a motion at council level to limit the size of cruise ships in the harbour to the small ones that can come in without alterations to the harbour structure.
“We have always been keen to point out, that the plan for giant cruise ships in the harbour carried with it a plan for private apartments and hotels within the curtilage of our Victorian harbour.
“We also want to alert the public to the major wast of public money that is going on in the Harbour Company, on executive salaries, spurious extra payments and other unnecessary expenditure.”

Brid-Smith - CopyDeputy Brid Smith has called on the Department of Education to withdraw threats it has issued to teachers in the ASTI.

Teachers are been told they must sign up and agree to substitution and supervisor duties by tomorrow or face been taken off the payroll.

Brid Smith said today: “this is the worst example of bully boy tactics and intimidation I have seen in a dispute in years. If any employer in the private sector behaved like this it would be outrageous, but the fact that this is the Government makes it even more so.”

Deputy Smith said that the dispute cannot be resolved by intimidation and bullying. “The ASTI are absolutely right to fight for equal pay for equal work and I support them 100%. This is a cheap attempt to rail road these workers that will not succeed. I will be raising these outrageous moves in the Dail.”

In the meantime Deputy Smith urged the union and its members not to be moved by these tactics and also urged Minister Bruton to deal with the substantive issue of equal pay for equal work. “It remains an insult to all public sector workers that a large cohort of newly recruited workers are paid significantly less than their senior colleagues for doing the same work. It is unjust and cannot last. Piecemeal restoration is not good enough. These workers could be suffering these discriminatory wage levels for years to come. This cannot be accepted any longer.”

Richard_Boyd_BarrettIn the Dáil today, Anti-Austerity Alliance-People Before Profit TD, Richard Boyd Barrett, asked all the political parties and the Taoiseach to support the call by Not on our Watch for Ireland to take in 200 unaccompanied children from the ‘Jungle’ camp in Calais and to relocate them amongst the 800 families who contacted the Irish Red Cross offering to take children from the Jungle camp.
Currently, the Jungle camp in Calais is being cleared and refugees are being ‘relocated’ to settlement centres in France. It is unknown what will happen to these refugees after they are processed in these centres. After the last wave of demolitions in Calais 200 children went missing. Children in Calais are currently in grave danger and it is essential that Ireland acts to help these children.
Ireland had previously committed to taking in 4,000 refugees and has also made a specific commitment in regard to unaccompanied children so this would be in line with Ireland’s existing commitment.

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