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Richard Boyd Barrett, TD, People Before Profit Alliance, speaking on the motion on the current crisis in Ukraine in Dail Eireann on today (Thursday, 3rd April 2014) argued that the Government motion on Ukraine adds fuel to the fire of the conflict in the region.

Richard Boyd Barrett TD, People Before Profit Alliance, speaking today (Wednesday 26th March 2014) in his statement on recent European Council Meeting raised the issue of the Russian-Ukraine Conflict and issue of housing and homelessness.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny is criticised by Richard Boyd Barrett TD, People Before Profit Alliance for government’s response to Russia-Ukraine Conflict.


Benn: A rare example of a politician who put conviction and principle before careerism and personal ambition

Tony Benn on an antiwar protest in 1998In a statement, Richard Boyd Barrett TD, for the People Before Profit Alliance has described the death of veteran socialist politician Tony Benn as great loss for the cause of progressive politics and principled socialism.

Deputy Boyd Barrett, who met Tony Benn on a number of occasions at left-wing and anti-war events in Britain, described the veteran socialist as someone with an unstinting commitment to the causes of social justice, equality and peace.

Deputy Boyd Barrett said one Mr Benn’s greatest characteristics was his commitment to movements of people power, workers struggle and grass-roots campaigning, and his certainty that these activities were of far greater importance than his parliamentary activity.

Richard Boyd Barrett said: “Tony Benn’s death is a huge loss for the cause of progressive politics and the genuine left, both in Britain and internationally. He was that all too rare thing in conventional politics: a politician that put political principle and conviction ahead of careerism or personal ambition.”

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Richard Boyd Barrett TD tonight raised the imprisonment of anti-war activist and artist Margaretta D’Arcy in the Dail during topical issues debate.

Margaretta D’Arcy is serving a three-month sentence in Limerick prison for attempting to stop the violation of Ireland’s neutrality by the use of Shannon airport by US military warplanes. A longtime campaigner against the use of Shannon by the US and in particular against the use of Shannon in rendition flights, Margaretta has refused to sign a bond not to go to unauthorised parts of Shannon airport.

Margaretta D’Arcy and Niall Farrell of the Galway Alliance Against War (GAAW) are due to appear in Ennis district court tomorrow to set a date for their second trial for protesting on the runway at Shannon airport in September 2013.

Deputy Boyd Barrett demands the immediate release of Margaretta and will also be supporting and attending a protest at 1pm at the dáil tomorrow.

Richard Boyd Barrett said, “The imprisonment of Margaretta D’Arcy is utterly despicable and vindictive treatment of an elderly and sick woman who acted courageously out of conscience against the use of Shannon Airport in facilitating the CIA’s illegal kidnap and torture programme, so-called rendition”.

“Margaretta’s incarceration and campaign highlights the ongoing facilitation of war and torture at Shannon airport. It is disgraceful that despite all the information and evidence that has accumulated, including infomation released by wikileaks, that the Irish government continues to foster relations with regimes involved in war, human rights violations and aggressive militarism”.



egyptA picket will take place at the Egyptian Embassy,Clyde Rd, in Dublin today at 1pm, called by Richard Boyd Barrett, People before Profit TD and Brid Smith People before Profit City Cllr and Dublin MEP candidate.

A number of pro-democracy activists and revolutionaries from the 6 April Movement and the Revolutionary Socialists who played leading roles in 25 January Revolution that brought down the tyrant, Mubarak, have received harsh jail sentences of 2-3 years hard labour simply for protesting, i.e. defying the military’s new anti-protest law.

The protest is to demand the dropping of all charges and their immediate release.

The four Irish citizens arrested in Cairo must be released immediately and Irish Government must obviously do everything it can to assist their safe return to this country.

The Government should also make a strong statement condemning the vicous and barbaric repression and breaking off diplomatic relations with Egypt. They should also demand that the US end the massive military aid that they give to Egypt.

To say these things is not to support the the ideas or policies of President Morsi or the Muslim Brotherhood, which I disagree with, but to defend their basic democratic and human rights. It is also to understand that the repression of the Muslim Brotherhood is not a threat to them alone but threatens all the gains of the 2011 revolution and will affect workers, trade unionists, students and all dissidents.

What Egypt needs is not return to military rule and dictatorship, but genuine people’s democracy’


Richard Boyd Barrett discussing Edward Snowden case on Vincent Browne Show on TV3 on 2nd July 2013


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