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Richard Boyd Barrett TD, People Before Profit Alliance discussing the aftermath of the Paris attacks on Prime Time 18th November 2015, with Anne McElvoy, Editor, The Economist.

People Before Profit TD says Irish government must speak out against further bombing of Syria in response to Paris atrocity

Richard - Copy (2)In a statement, Richard Boyd Barrett TD for the People Before Profit Alliance has called on the Irish government to speak out against further French, Russian and US bombing of Syria in response to last Friday’s atrocity in Paris.

Deputy Boyd Barrett, who condemned as a “barbaric atrocity” and “vile act” the attack by ISIS in Paris, said that further bombing by France and the US in Syria would result in more innocent deaths, escalate the cycle of violence, and fuel support for violent and sectarian extremist groups such as ISIS.

Deputy Boyd Barrett said the best way to prevent further atrocities was to end military intervention by the big powers in the Middle East and Afghanistan and to cease financial and military aid to despotic and oppressive regions in the region such as Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, Iraq and the regime of Bashar Al-Assad.

He said it was also vital that any attempt to scape-goat the wider Muslim community for the crimes of a tiny unrepresentative minority must be completely resisted.   

Deputy Boyd Barrett will speak in the Dail at 18.55 this evening on the aftermath of the Paris attack.

Richard Boyd Barrett said: “The killing of 129 people in Paris by ISIS was a barbaric atrocity that must be condemned by all. It was a vile act motivated by a hateful sectarian view of the world where the people of different nationalities who congregated in Paris were defined as living in a world of ‘adultery and vice’. Only religious fanatics who were motivated by such a terrible political vision could carry out the murders in such a cold-blooded and calculating fashion.

However, to respond to this unspeakable atrocity by further bombing of Syria, as France and the US are proposing to do, is utter folly. More bombing will lead to further innocent deaths and will fuel the growth of violent extremist groups like ISIS. The only way to overcome this terrorist threat is to understand the context it grew out of. Continue reading

gazaIsrael has launched at least 16 airstrikes on the Gaza Strip since last night. This is the third such assault since the end of the war on Gaza last summer which killed over 2100 Palestinians, including 500 children. This is unacceptable and the Irish government should hold Israel accountable.

In April the Association of International Development Agencies, which includes Oxfam, Save the Children and the Norwegian People’s Aid, called for a suspension of arms transfers to Israel and the revocation of arms export licenses as an urgent requirement to address the root cause of repeated wars and benefit Israelis and Palestinians alike. The aid agencies also called on EU countries to use the EU-Israel Association Agreement as a form of pressure on Israel until it meets its international obligations. They explicitly asked governments to issue clear guidance to national companies, state-owned companies and pension and investment funds, to ensure they do not invest in companies involved in Israeli violations of international law.

rbb gazaRichard Boyd Barrett said: “This latest attack on Gaza must be condemned by the international community. We cannot stand by silently while Israel unleashes further devastation on a civilian population which is still recovering from the unspeakable horrors of Israel’s bombing campaign last summer.

Just last week the World Bank said that Gaza’s economy is on the verge of collapse. Its unemployment rate is the highest in the world and 100,000 people are still homeless because Israel bombed their houses into smithereens.

Have people in Gaza not suffered enough from these assaults and from the seven year Israeli blockade? It really is obscene we continue to deal with Israel as though it were a normal state.

As a matter of priority, Ireland should lead by example and follow the guidelines issued by the Association of International Development Agencies last month in its report on the situation in Gaza. That means issuing clear guidelines to divest from companies involved in the Israeli occupation, and linking trade to accountability. Our government should act immediately. “

World Bank Report:

Association of International Development Agencies Report:


Ibrahim Halawa, a 19 year old Dublin born man has been imprisoned, without the right to a fair trial, for nearly 2 years for peacefully protesting in Egypt. Mr Halawa (19) goes on trial on Sunday along with 493 others involved in protests in Cairo against the Egyptian authorities.

He was arrested along with three of his sisters on August 17th, 2013, and has been in Egyptian custody since. His three sisters have been released

CBGk-SdWgAERLwL.jpg largeBelow is a video of Richard Boyd Barrett TD, People Before Profit calls on Irish government to call for his release and to condemn mass trial and possibility of execution of Irish citizen.

A protest takes place today at 2pm at Department of Foreign Affairs, Iveagh House, St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2.



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